Eye Exam


  Sawyer had his eye checkup/evaluation this week. And he did great. He has 20/20 vision in his right eye and his left which has always been weaker is now at 20/25. From 20/200! The doctor said that his alignment has also improved tremendously. He was also impressed that Sawyer knew all his letters and could read, he keep telling everyone in the office about it when we were checking out. He had him read the letters from left to right like a normal vision exam, but instead of Sawyer naming the letters like "E V O Y H" he read it like it was a word "evoyh". It was really funny. 
Out of 3 children, it really is amazing that all have been as healthy as they are. Sure, we've had some broken bones, a few trips to the emergency room, we've got our own orthopedic surgeon on call for us 24/7, but who doesn't! But in all honesty we feel very blessed to have 3 healthy children. And when I start to feel sorry for Sawyer I think about how brilliant he is and how smart and funny he can be. And that's with a bad eye! Imagine what the world will have when he's got both functioning at their full potential. Oh, they will be in for a rude awakening. . .