One on One

I don't get a ton of time alone with Gunnar. He's at school all day and then when he is home I have the little ones home as well. And because of this, I really enjoyed taking him to the doctor today. It was for a rotten cause, he has a sinus infection, but it was great to have him sit in my lap in the waiting room and just talk to him. On the way home he asked me to turn the music off, uh oh, what's wrong. . .what happened today. 

Gunnar: Mama, I'm afraid of dying.

Me(I knew it!): Sweetie, why are you afraid to die?

Gunnar: Because I'm afraid to go to the Philippines.

Me: Huh? I don't understand. Do you know the Philippines is a country?

Gunnar: Yes. But you can't ever leave the Philippines because of the white tips.

Me: Now I'm really lost. White tip what?

Gunnar: The White Tip Sharks. They're everywhere in the Philippines. And if you take a boat you will die.

Me: But babe, if you're on a boat how can a shark kill you?

Gunnar: These sharks can eat a hole through the boat and kill you. I saw a special on it in a movie.

Me: I'll make you a deal. How about we don't make any plans to go the Philippines?

Gunnar: Ok.

Four minutes later. . . .

Gunnar: Mama, how do you go to college?

Me: Well, you work really hard in high school and get good grades and then you apply.

Gunnar: How do you get to play on the college football team?

Me: You have to try out for it.

Gunnar: And then after college you go to the NFL?

Me: If you are really good you can.

Gunnar: Can you go back to college after the NFL?

Me: You can go back to college to get a degree, but not to play college football.

Gunnar: What happens after the NFL then?

Me: You retire. Because you're old, injured, just not as good anymore.

Gunnar: Can you pick how many years you stay in college?

Me:  I think you can only play 4 years, but you can be there 5 years, but one year you have to redshirt. . .I think.

Gunnar: Okay.

Me: Sweetie, I think it'd be a good idea to explore other careers other than being a USC college quarterback.