Yep, you read the title correctly. Yep, it's what you think they are. That's what we call boobs in our house. Greta is learning to count and she also just got the hang of "yours" "mine" "I" "me" "you". The other night she was sitting on my lap while I was checking my email. 

Greta: Your nurnies. My nurnies.

Me: Very good Greta.

Greta: My nurnies, one two. Your nurnies, one two three.

Sawyer (laughing hysterically): HA HA HA! She said you have three nurnies!

Me: No Greta. Two. One two.

Greta: Your nurnies. One two three.

Gunnar (giggling): Ha Ha! She thinks you have 3 nurnies! Maybe she thinks your belly button is the third one.

Me: Okay. I have two. One two. Now can my nurnies stop being the topic of this conversation!