Dinner with adults

Okay, I tried to think of the last time my husband and I were invited to someone's house for a dinner party sans children and I couldn't remember. Because I think it's been since before I've had children. We've been out to dinner with couples without kids, but a real dinner party, at someone's home. Been awhile. . .

Until tonight. We had a lovely time at some friend's home with a few couples, there were 9 of us in total. (thank you by the way, if you're reading this) But I have a big confession, my brain hurts a little. I haven't had 4 straight hours of adult conversation in a loooong time. Seriously, the topics were not what I am used to speaking about on a daily weekly monthly regular basis. We had a variety of cool professions there tonight, from landscape designer to life coach to fashion designer to architect, I could go on. There were some stimulating people there. But to talk about global warming versus bottle warming took some adjustment. I was a little unnerved because I could speak to people using eye contact. Normally my eyes are scanning for 6 little legs going every which way, I have one eye on one child, one eye on breakables, and I can never give someone quite my full attention. We had cocktails and appetizers, then I was politely told by my husband to stop eating all the appetizers, more food would follow. But it felt like I haven't eaten in 6 years, and let me tell you, food that is fresh and warm tastes so much better than my daily diet of Clif bars, half chewed string cheese, soggy cheerios and partial grape pieces about to hit the floor. Fortunately our hosts understood my predicament and just kept refilling the brie and salami. Thanks again.

Dinner was wonderful and so well thought out, from the soup to the homemade dessert. But the best part was seriously the conversation and company. I think I am mentally stimulated for months now. I definitely have my research to do on topics such as Frank Gehry, LA Live Project, and Apple's new generation iphone. And I was very proud to only have brought up my children a handful of times. The ambience was awesome, and I forgot that most people can light candles on regular surfaces and not put them on top of surfaces with a minimum clearance of 5 feet. There's no little people to create fire hazards! The music wasn't from The Sound of Music or The Wiggles. And the drinks weren't apple juice and milk. They were drinks

I had to fight the urge to cut up my tablemate's steak into tiny pieces and hand feed him. I also had to look twice in the bathroom because I was in a bathroom alone. I wasn't taking someone pee, except myself of course. You better believe my handbag still had diapers and wipes in it, but what mom doesn't?

Most of all I appreciate being seen as a person, a separate entity from my offspring. I am a mom, but I'm also a woman who enjoys things that most people take for granted everyday, whether that be a hot cup of tea that is actually hot and not cold because by the time you drink it it's no longer hot warm lukewarm drinkable to speaking about topics like our environment and government. And not just speaking, but speaking to people over 3 feet tall and who actually know what the environment is and that the president isn't Martin Luther King, Jr. just because they have school off on Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.  

So thank you for making me feel like a regular person again. And now I'm so ready to do what I do best, be mom.