I never really understood the whole movie-going alone thing. My sister loves going to movies by herself and does it all the time. I just always thought I'd be the loser in the theater and everyone would be staring at me with pity because I had no friend or spouse to go with. 

I was indeed wrong! Going to the movies alone is one of the most fantastic experiences. Remember, I am home with 3 little ones all day long, so you can take "fantastic" anyway you like.  Maybe it has to do with getting some adult stimulation, maybe it has to do with my local theater selling Peet's Coffee at their concession stand, maybe it has to do with the bar in the theater that allows you to bring a glass of wine into the theater, or maybe it's that I am rarely alone. Even when I have to pee I usually have a little person banging on the door or slamming the door wide open to tell me who drew on the wall and who ate the dog's food.

In other words, going unaccompanied anywhere is rare and savored for me, including a trip to the bathroom. But doing something I thoroughly enjoy like watching a movie on the big screen and being alone is utter joy.