Confessions of an uncrafty mama. . .

Alright, I'm not a crafty mama. I've accepted this painful truth. 

There are mainly two types of moms in the world, although there are always exceptions. One-you feed your children regular nonorganic milk, shop at major store chains for all your toys, and are a sucker for Nick Jr. commercials and give in to your child's wants for what is advertised. Two-you are what I like to call "crunchy", you wouldn't ever consider feeding your child anything non-organic, you shop at Whole Foods, dismiss all battery-operated light-up commercialized toys in favor for wooden toys and think TV is a no-no. 

I don't quite fit into either perfectly, but I tend to be on the "crunchy" side. I try to shop almost all organic, I believe in breastfeeding, last I took count we only had 3 toys that took batteries, and I don't let my kids watch any shows with commercials. On the other hand, I do like Target, although, I am drawn to the one aisle in the toy department that has the Play Wonder wooden toys, Schleich animal figurines, and Klutz craft books. BUT something that makes me stand out as very different than my "crunchy" counterparts is that I am uncrafty. . .

This is a crafty mama  and I am amazed at what she comes up with and can do. I stumbled upon her blog and she even has a book coming out. I believe she homeschools her children, another "crunchy" quality I don't confer with, and she is so talented. If you take a look at her crafting with children category, I guarantee you too will be blown away.

So, I wonder, can an uncrafty mama become a crafty mama? Can I change? I so want to be the mama who wears an apron and has cookie cutters in just the right shapes for just the right occasions, and when I gift someone a present the wrapping is more extraordinary than the gift itself. I want to own operate a sewing machine. Okay, I would settle for learning how to sew a button back on a pair of pants. But then, Aaron would be so bored, he loves to sew buttons on clothes!  

This afternoon as I passed by Michaels (for those less crafty even than I, it's a craft store) in Santa Monica and decided I would  pop in and peruse the aisles. I have to say just entering the store made me feel quite creative. I didn't quite understand the need for so many different colors of felt, but nonetheless, I decided I needed some multicolor felt. Then on to the wooden craft aisle, ohhh, little things to paint, I like that. . .but then I needed paint. Did you know that there are different types of paint? Yep. You can't just paint wood with any 'ol paint. So as I desperately picked up bottle after bottle and tried to define what a "porous" material was, I asked a crafty looking lady next to me what I can paint wood with. She told me acrylic, stay away from oil. Great. I got some acrylic paints. I picked up some random ribbon and a pack of tiny Chicklet gum on my way out. Those tiny Chicklets are extremely hard to find by the way.

I should however mention that I'm this type of mama: I did go into Michael's, I did buy some fun artsy type items, but I should mention I only passed by Michael's because that was across the street from Burke Williams Spa where I just spent the afternoon getting a massage. You see, I don't know if I can be both mamas. Can I be the mama who enjoys going to spas and wearing her True Religion jeans and the mama who whips up a dinosaur diorama and sews little felt pouches together to store buttons in?

I'm conflicted.

I am the mama who is on the PTA and is the headroom parent, on the school Auction committee and volunteers to be art docent even when I have no clue what an art docent is, but I don't look like that soccer mama you are envisioning. Maybe what I am trying to say is that I am not your typical mama.

I envision crafty mamas' homes to be cluttered and full of tables with glue dripping down them, flour everywhere in the kitchen, and yards of fabric laying around the room waiting to be made into a dress that matches her daughter's. I, on the otherhand, like an uncluttered, seemingly clean home, despise adult/child matching clothes and feel crafty means construction paper, washable paint and being outside

I informed my husband tonight I want to learn how to sew.

Husband: What do you mean by that?

Me:Well, I don't know, but I want to learn. And I'd like it to include a machine.

Husband: Why don't we start by you letting me show you how to thread a needle.

Me: No, I think I need to take a class and get a machine.

Husband: I don't understand. Why don't you learn how to knit?

Me: No, there's things out there I want to make. Things I want to sew.

Husband: Ok. So how was your massage today?

He distracted me and diverted my attention. It worked. But alas, still tonight I am contemplating it. Come to think of it, maybe knitting wouldn't be so bad. But what's the difference between knitting and crocheting, can I do these things and still be ignorant about sewing a button on?

I guess ultimately it takes a whole lot of mamas to make the world go round. And you can just add me to the list.