I have been wondering lately due to a question I was asked, why do I have a blog? That's a good question.

I think I can describe it best like this. . .my normal is not your normal.

I have realized, maybe more so recently, that I am looked upon slightly as an anomaly. People look at me and my life and are puzzled sometimes. They may ask themselves questions like, Does she enjoy having all those children? How in the world does she have the patience? When I see her with her family is that what it's like every day, all day? Does she shower daily? Okay, maybe you don't ask yourself the last one about me, but I ask it of myself. I have to. . .The reason is because my normal is not your normal.

So the best reason I created this blog, in addition to having a semi-creative outlet that doesn't include making cotton ball snowmen and making play doh pancakes, is to be able to share with you all that this is my normal. This is my life. I am not trying to be funny or witty, simply, this is what it is. And it's hard to explain but what I share on here is tiny snippets of my day. Little stories(okay, sometimes long stories) and conversations of my day, with my children, myself, my dog, all of you. I leave out the really horrifying, gross aspects of what I do everyday. And I probably forget 80% of the rest of my day because that's what not sleeping for 6 years will do to you.

Sure, my kids are funny, but what kids aren't? Have you ever heard a conversation between an 18 month old and a 3 year old that isn't funny?

So I wish to share with all of you a little bit of my normal. And maybe in turn it will make all of you feel so much more. . .normal.