Referrals. . .

I find it very funny that so many people put so much faith in my recommendations. Maybe because of the work I do, I'm around so many people all day, that people assume I would know the best of stuff out there. And well . . .a lot of time I do ;)      

For instance, I had a client buy her home 2 years ago a block away from me using my referral of our Real Estate Agent. I get people asking me about preschools, restaurants, movie theaters, pediatricians, facial products. Just today I referred a client to my OB GYN, whom I LOVE. So I just think it's funny when I'm the girl who waxes hair off your crotch and extracts blackheads from your nose, that you would be interested in what I think is the best.

But I guess if you are entrusting me with your face and your crotch, you've got to have a little faith in me, right?