Sawyer: Mama, I got a cram.  

Me: You have a what? 

Sawyer: I got a CRAM! 

Me: Where did you get that from? I don't really know what a cram is? 

Sawyer: I got it right now. 

Me: You got a cram right now? Who gave it to you? 

Sawyer(add a little frustration to his voice): Mama, it hurts! My cram hurts! 

Me: Show me your cram. 

Sawyer: Here! It's in my leg! I have a cram in my leg! 

Me: Oh, babe, you have a cramp? 

Sawyer: No, mama. It's a cram. A cram in my leg. 

Me: Okay, baby, whatever you say. Let me rub that cram for you.