School is still not in session?!

So my kids have 3 weeks off for winter break. THREE weeks. That's not 3 days, that's THREE weeks. And we just finished the 2nd week. Week one went fairly smooth, Gunnar went to the local park's day camp and had fun doing sports, arts and crafts, and one day they even brought in snow machines and had us gear them up with winter clothes (because remember I'm in Los Angeles, and cold for us, no freezing for us, is a whopping 60 degrees), and the kids had snowball fights. Well the second week wasn't as smooth. All the kids were home and I tried to remind myself that it's fun, it's great, it's only a few days. . .I decided to be the stupid brave mom that I claim to be and took them all to the Long Beach Aquarium. Yes, all three and by myself. This is someone who normally won't go to the bank with all 3 kids. I will wait and save all my errands for 2:31pm when Aaron is home from work. But nope, I decided to just do it. I figured I gave birth to these kids I surely can keep them in line for a few hours, even if it is where dangerous child eating animals live and they have pools where you dip your fingers in to pet these scary nice ocean living creatures and my only cautious child is the eldest and my youngest already has a cast on one arm and. . .you get my point. That's all I needed was one of my kids to reach in to pet the manta ray and splash! But I couldn't think that far ahead of time. As we were driving south on the 405 I decided this was a good time to discuss with my children the importance of being safe and what to do when strangers try to steal you. Gunnar was the least of my worries. He screams in our own house if I am not in eyesight of him. Ahhhh, but Sawyer. . .Gunnar and I began to explain to Sawyer that the aquarium is very big and very busy and that there will be lots of strangers there. Gunnar added in
"and Sawyer there will be strangers there who like to take little kids"  
"Thanks Gunnar, I'll take it from here." 
So I explained the need to stay close to me and never run off. Sawyer is a wanderer dasher. He dashes off everywhere. He hides, he leaves, he doesn't care. So instead of heeding my instructions and wanting to avoid all interaction with strangers, he decides to devise a plan. Yes, this is his plan, 
"Mama, if a stranger comes and grabs me I'll scream"   
"That's good Sawyer. Scream as loud as you can" 
 "And  Mama, if he tries to put his hand over my mouth, I will BITE his hand off!!!"

Okay, that's a good plan. Thus my apprehension upon arriving at the aquarium. But I am pleased to report we all survived, there was no kidnapping, and not even a single scream. What I don't understand is why I can take them to the aquarium on Wednesday and everything go so smoothly, but the next day when all I needed was to go to Trader Joe's for some fruit with all of them, I had a panic attack. . .strange, I know.