Carousel, Costumes, and More. . .

Although we may not celebrate Halloween, we sure do love to dress up! And there's nothing I love, er I mean, my kids love more than a costume party. So today we, along with friends of ours, rented the Santa Monica Pier Carousel and had a costume party. Yep, smack in the middle of winter, in December, and it was ohhhh great fun! I know you all are wondering what we dressed as right? Well, Gunnar is surprisingly a football player(insert eye roll please), Sawyer was Mike Wizowski from Monsters, Inc., and Greta was a pumpkin. Aaron and I decided to do a "couples" costume and went as Zorro and his senorita. It was a big success and I think all the kids enjoyed themselves as did the parents.



And we hired someone to do face painting and animal balloons, here's some of my faves,



The kids helped decorate the goodie bags,

bags.jpg balloons.jpg   

I hope all our friends and family who were there enjoyed themselves as much as we did!