Week 35 in the 52 Weeks Project

*gunnar: I love it when I find a good book series he likes. If you’ve got a teen and they like a little sci-fi, check out this series, they just came out with the sequel. 

*sawyer: Just capturing a little bit of the morning routine. 

*greta: I’m pretty sure they were supposed to be “helping” Aaron in the garage. 


End of Summer Foot Repair

With the end of summer upon us... I mean Labor Day Weekend is pretty much fall staring you in the face, right? Summer isn't always the kindest to my feet. I mean flip flops, sand, sun. They need a little more attention about this time of year. Head on over to Hello Natural for some easy recipes like the foot soak photographed above, a yummy foot scrub, and even a heel balm to make at home. Do you have any foot repair strategies you can share?

Cell Phones and Kids

When Jen at Classic Play asked me to tackle the subject of cell phones I thought, hmmm, how appropriate, it's a hot debate topic in our house at the moment. I laid out 6 questions that I think all families should discuss and consider before getting their kid a cell phone. And tell me, is Gunnar correct? Is he the last middle schooler without a phone?