Health & Beauty

I have a few posts to share with you today. On Hello Natural this week I'm sharing an easy to make anti-cellulite oil that smells divine! And I also share a homemade vitamin rich eye cream. I'm definitely surprised by how many women are still not using eye creams, in their 30s and 40s! It's one of the first products I start clients on. Hoping you had a wonderful weekend and your hump day is a painless one. I'll have lots to share with you soon, but for now I'm solo parenting and realizing just how hard it is to feed everyone 3 times a day! It's exhausting, and I sure do miss my cooking loving husband. 


Week 43 in the 52 Weeks Project

*gunnar: Can you make out his silhouette? This boy had a blast at Will Rogers State Park this weekend. Flag football, relay races, running race. In. His. Glory.

*sawyer: He told us at dinner one night that when it's quiet outside and he can hear the birds chirping he thinks it's most beautiful. I have to agree with him on that one. 

*greta: We ran a lap around the park together, a long lap, maybe 1/2 or 2/3 mile. Fair and square she won. I mean she didn't even have to work hard and she beat me.

all photos taken with my iPhone 6 edited in VSCO

Friday Links

Ok the weeks are just going by a little two quickly if you ask me. I barely post our 52 weeks project and it's already time for Friday links! I have a few for you today to peruse over the weekend. 

I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to quotes, I love them! That photo above is part of an article I put together for Classic Play where I collected quotes all about parenting teens, or teenage life, it was really fun to do. And man does a good quote get me all choked up! Jen did an amazing job illustrating the quotes and she has that one for sale in her shop. I can totally see them up on the wall in a kid's room. It was a fun exercise and full of good reminders, really good reminders, so check them out and let me know if any ring true for you.

Winter is quickly approaching, and even here in Los Angeles where it doesn't get that cold, it really gets dry! I mean we've been in a drought for my entire life. And it's only getting worse. I put together a few at home DIYs you can do to help moisturize your skin. Also, drink lots and lots of water friends!

This arrived today in the mail, and I'm pretty happy to wrap that baby around my neck. Our evenings have finally turned chilly. 

Have you guys seen the pictures of Renee Zellweger's Connecticut farm slash house for sale? I have spent an unreasonable amount of time looking at all of them, I might have even Zillow'd (i love that app to death) the surrounding area. I seriously could live on that piece of land. I know they get snow, I know it's small town, but with a river running through that property? Sold!

Sawyer listened to the author of Smile speak at his school the other day, and absolutely loved the presentation. He came home asking to also read her book, Sisters, which is based on events in her life. It amazes me how many authors they get come through their school. Our librarian is truly special and arranges for fantastic events like these. She emails me once in awhile to recount a conversation she had with one of my kids that just melted her heart. And then it melts my heart. 

Have you ever made a stovetop simmer to make your whole house smell good? I have that on my autumn to do list. 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. We have pizza and movie night  for Friday, a field day and some house cleaning on the books as well.