How to Make a Roll On Essential Oil Blend

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After you read this little tutorial on making your own essential oil roll on blend, you're going to be so excited to create your own! First I'll give you a little background on why we ventured into essential oils and how important they have become to our family. 

Ever since Greta had her thyroid surgery (beware it's long and you'll need tissues if you're new here) a few months ago, I wanted to help her heal as quickly and as healthily as possible. We invested in a good diffuser to keep our air purified and clean because we really needed Greta to stay healthy while her incision healed. We started diffusing oils in the air to keep everyone in the family from getting sick. We would wipe down counters with oils. And we would also diffuse lavender near her bed to help her relax and sleep well, which also was essential to recovering from surgery.

Her thyroid levels were not healthy soon after surgery. We saw her levels kept climbing and she was really tired. So much so that her teacher and I would constantly talk back and forth and check in every day with each other on how she was feeling. Her teacher noticed the change in her usual upbeat self. But we also knew that it was normal for her thyroid level to dip, especially since she only has one lobe now. We were told it might take a few weeks for it to kick in, and heal. 

I'll fast forward several months. Good news is my sweet babe is healthy again, and her thyroid levels tested normal the end of June. We still have to go for regular blood work to keep an eye on it, but we are so thankful that her little thyroid decided to heal and wake up and do it's job. 

We weren't allowed to give her any special herbs or vitamins for thyroid health. They were adamant I not start her on anything internal. They wanted to see what her body could do on it's on without anything affecting it's readings, even natural medicines. Which for this natural mama, was really, really hard to do. But there was ONE thing I could do. 

Aaron had done some research and found an essential oil mixture that was supposed to support thyroid health. We decided it couldn't hurt to try and we have used it every single day since the beginning of June. I am not claiming that this is what healed her, but I think it didn't hurt and it could've stimulated her thyroid, and all we wanted was to give that little girl as much support as we could. 

We ordered these little roll on applicators from Amazon. We chose an amber glass bottle because it's supposed to be the best for keeping oils from sunlight exposure. Oils deteriorate and oxidize over time. So avoid plastic and metal, along with clear glass.

We used almond oil as our carrier oil, but you can replace that with jojoba oil if you have a nut allergy. We roll it over her neck near her one thyroid lobe each day, back and forth once or twice. Here's the formula we use.

Greta's Thyroid Health

There are a few formulas that I'm really anxious to try, and if you do some research you can find so many oils that are helpful for just about any malady. Here are some blends I have bookmarked:

Anti-Anxiety for Adults:

You can apply this to the bottoms of your feet, or the back of your neck. 

Headache Reducer

Apply to the back of the neck and/or temples. 

Kids Happy Blend

This can be rolled on your child's wrists or bottoms of their feet. 

I cannot recommend this enough for tummy aches. The kids have all used it, just a drop or two rubbed on the abdomen in a clock wise motion, and it relieves all sorts of cramps and stomach pain.

The roll on top is easy to take off to add your essential oils and your carrier oil. When finished you just pop the top back on and then shake before each time you roll it on. Super easy. 

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In Hawaii we took all our oils and diffuser along with us. Aaron and I both get a little skeeved about hotel room germs, so we diffused night and day different oils to clean everything. But one of the best uses in Hawaii was the day we went kayaking. I thought as long as I was rowing I would be fine, because we know how terrible I am about being in anything that moves. But we stopped to snorkel and just the momentary stall of getting my gear on and off the kayak left me so seasick. I didn't think I could make it back to shore. I made it, barely. I crawled into the shower, rinsed the seawater and sand off, and then crawled to the hotel bed. I applied a few drops of the DigestZen to my stomach and within the hour I was back to myself. Normally once my motion sickness is set off, it takes a whole day to recover. Not this time, I was up and meeting everyone for lunch in no time. 

If you'd like to know more about oils, I did a whole post on Women's Health and which oils to use for what, and not only that, how to use them in your everyday life. 

Do you have a favorite essential oil blend? Have you ever made a roll on blend of your own? Or are essential oils totally new to you?

*this post contains affiliate links, but to be perfectly honest i've never received a dime from the links, ha! i link in this way more for my own way of keeping track of what i use and buy than for any monetary gain. i would never link or recommend a product or brand i don't currently own or use. but hey maybe this pin is going to go viral and one day i'll buy myself a pair of new shoes. thank you guys for always supporting me here on the blog. a post like this takes a really long time to put together, but it's a subject that is near and dear to my heart and i love sharing it with all of you. i hope you enjoyed it.


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Week 30 in the 52 Weeks Project

*gunnar: He had such a fun week doing things new to him, more posts coming on this awesome spot in Orange County and a date he and Aaron enjoyed this week. 

*sawyer: This was his first time at a climbing type place and he was in heaven. He’s requested his next date be back here. 

*greta: She was a little spidey-girl repelling off of every wall and crevice. 


Ten {10}

DOUBLE DIGITS! How can it be?! I remember turning 10 vividly, the excitement of never being a single digit ever again, and the prospect of being a double digit for the next 89 years! Ok maybe that prospect isn’t quite as exciting as the part where you’re never a single digit again. 

Sawyer, you are such a joy to this family. We cannot fathom what our dinner table would be like if you weren’t sitting at the head of it each and every night. Your laughter is infectious. And your enthusiasm for life is unmatched.

I’ve often said in years passed how deeply you feel emotion. Both joy and sorrow. If only we could feel with such intensity to understand how powerful emotions could feel, I think the world would look differently. You are one of the most hopeful people I’ve ever met. You see the good in all. You see good where the rest of us don’t. You hold on when the rest of us would probably give up. 

This coming year is such a huge year for you. You are about to start your last year in elementary school. You are going to be closing a huge chapter in your life and I secretly wish we had more time for this. I wish we could stretch out the next year over the next two years. But that is life. It doesn’t wait for us, whether we are ready for it or not. 

You are still the early riser in the family, first one up every day. Most of the time you play quietly so you don’t wake your tired brother, read, or get a start on your day by showering. You almost always, dare I say yes always, are happy to wake up. There is no wrong side of the bed in your bed. You look forward to what the day holds. You love family. You love your family I should clarify. Your family is so important to you, and you want all of them around you all the time. 

Sawyer, you still love to play. It’s one of my favorite things about you. You aren’t concerned about what anyone else tells you should or shouldn’t be enjoying. You aren’t worried about what others think of you. You want to love life and enjoy what you enjoy. And I love that. I love it so deeply. Just like I love you so deeply. 


I am looking forward to what this year holds for you and how you will embrace it. I think it’s probably myself that is going to have a hard time embracing the changes. I am still holding on to the thought that you’re my little boy, that we have all the time in the world ahead of us together. That isn’t too realistic and I recognize that, I’ll work on that.

I am so proud of the person you are becoming. I am so proud of the goals you have set for yourself, and the ones you have already reached. I know that this world is so blessed to have you in it. I don’t know if you realize that yet, but it’s true. You are something so unique and so special. There isn’t anyone else that comes close to who you are and what you are capable of. 

I think 10 is going to be a wonderful time in your life, and I am so grateful that I get to be a part of it. You humble me daily with your wisdom and reasoning on things so much deeper than your age. I love you Soso, welcome to double digits.