2015 Family Week 17/52

Week 17 in the 52 Week Family Project

This week was SO long, I missed my boys more than I expected and shed tears of joy when they walked off their buses. And in less than 18 hours I went from having 1 kid at home to 5! We've got these munchkins for a few days and our house is full and loud and chaotic and just what an auntie's house is supposed to be. There's so much always going on that I think they forget that they miss their parents, forget to ask for babas of milk, and pass out in minutes from exhaustion from playing so much. Let's hope they forget for the rest of their time here. 

Friday Happenings


Friday can not come soon enough! I will finally be reunited with my boys, it's been pretty much the longest week of my life. I daydream about hugging them and kissing them and smelling them, it's just been too long. But I'm sure they are having the time of their lives. And I can't wait to hear all the stories, good and bad. 

I tried to stay busy, but I've kind of been a mopey, sad human all week. I organized the boys' dresser and cleared out all their clothes that are too small, got rid of all the no match socks, and am fairly certain they won't notice a single thing is different lol. Greta has been a strange mix of happy and quiet and sad. I think she doesn't want to admit how much she's missed them. Our blueberries are in full swing as you can see above. 

In other news, here's some interesting articles I found share worthy:

It looks like my 120 minutes a week(that's on a good week!) isn't going to cut it.

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Download this free creative notebook from the lovely ladies of Crafting Connections. 

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Check back on Madre Beads Monday, Lacy will be restocking the shop, and I LOVE my necklace from her, can't wait to add to my collection. 

Got anything neat to share?

2015 Family Week 16/52

Week 16 in the 52 Week Family Project

This week had lots of ups and downs and highs and lows. I enjoyed a movie date with Gunnar on a school night, such rebels! I submitted more articles at one time for work than I ever have before. Such a relief to click that submit button on things I've been working on for weeks. And then we had oodles of school drama that this mama is just not built for. I also discovered I cope with stress worse as I age. I've noticed the last few months that it effects me physically, which is new and terrible and I desperately need better coping skills. We said goodbye to house guests and are packing for two simultaneous school trips for the boys. I don't know if I will survive the coming week without them, but if it's quiet over here, you'll know that I'm hiding in a dark closet waiting for it to be Friday.