Friday Friday Friday


This week seemed like a particularly long week. Maybe it was the school projects that took over my kitchen, or the 100 degree temps that Southern California has endured all week, it was pretty insane. The kids couldn't even play outside at school it was so suffocating. But it's back to a glorious 80 degree day and all is right again. But I am pretty happy this weekend has made it's appearance. We are looking forward to a few days filled with visits from encouraging friends. What are you up to? 

Are you awaiting the arrival of your new iPhone today? I've had the same phone for 3 years and it's been sending me a very clear message the last few weeks. "I'M DYING" is what I've translated so far. My phone has been acting crazy and I think it's because it knows it's days are numbered. I'm pretty excited about the photo and video capabilities. If I don't have to lug my real camera around Disneyland or to the beach to get good quality photos, I'm all for it! 

I do not hide my love for the show, The Voice, nor do I hide my crush on Jimmy Fallon. Put it all together for a lip sync battle. Amazing. 

I also love Ira Glass and This American Life. This week's podcast left me speechless. So thought provoking. I think you can only download it for a few more days. Listen to it and tell me what you think. Wow. 

I feel so lame for accidentally leaving off the book Wonder from my book post this week. Sawyer's class was read this aloud by the teacher for a few minutes each day after lunch. Every day Sawyer came home and would tell me about it. Parts that really hurt him, and parts that made him sad and frustrated, and then as the book was making a turnaround he would come home so thrilled that the main character was feeling supported. They finished it this week and Sawyer absolutely loved it and it gave us a lot of opportunity for dialog about special needs, whether they be physical or mental. 

I've been on the hunt for some linen slash Turkish slash I don't know what you call them towels. I am ready to invest in some really great ones that last a long time. How gorgeous are these Anthropologie ones? 

I hit a fun milestone this past weekend. I don't know if you use Pinterest (if you don't, who are you? what are you waiting for?), but I've slowly built through the past year a following there and I just hit 10,000 followers! The significance? Well, there's actually companies and brands that hire Pinterest users for campaigns and to bring awareness to their products or programs. A few months ago I worked with a car brand and was paid to create an inspiration board for them. I would love to do it more in the future and first things first, gotta grow your influence. So that's why I am so elated to have hit the 10k number!

That's all for now friends. Hoping you have a restful or exciting, adventurous or peaceful weekend, depending on what you need. 


Hair Probs

This week I have a few natural beauty posts going up on Hello Natural. The first one went live today and I share not ONE but TWO recipes for healthy hair. One is a mask seen pictured above and the other is a DIY anti-frizz spray.

Talk about hair probs! I'm in desperate need of a hair cut. In fact, I just texted my hair dresser, HELP! NEED TRIM! I only cut my hair like twice a year, and it's grown like mad over the last year. Last summer my hair was above my shoulders and right now it's 7 inches below them, and I've had a trim or two in there. I'm not complaining, but I am complaining, because it's as hot in Los Angeles as the surface of the sun. Almost. It was like 100 degrees yesterday, and today it's supposed to cool down to a glorious 95. 95 isn't glorious weather man! Back to regularly scheduled programming, check out the hair help on Hello Natural!

What are we reading? What are YOU reading?

I love book posts. I miss book posts. I miss books! Ha. It’s true, I haven’t picked up a book in forever. But that doesn’t mean the kids haven’t been flying through books lately. Gunnar always has to have a new book in hand, or else he goes to the garage and grabs an old standby that he’s read 500 million times. True story. 

Greta and Sawyer each are working on a book project for language arts, so there’s been a lot of reading happening in this household of late. 

Here’s a little rundown of what they’ve been enjoying:

Greta (8 yo/third grade)- She just finished this classic, and is working on a book sharing project for her class. For our read aloud at night, I’ve been reading this AG story. And this summer she read pretty much this entire series. And I just ordered this book on time travel from the author of the Ivy and Bean series. It’s kind of the next step up from that series, more of an 8-12 yo age group. 

Sawyer (10 yo/fifth grade)- He can’t put this one down at the moment. And for his big project he chose to do it on Six Days. It took a few chapters, but now he’s totally into the book and cannot wait to turn the page. I also just received this from his class book order, and I think he’s going to really like it. I also have my eye on this graphic novel series, it’s historical too.

Gunnar (12 yo/seventh grade)- He loved this book by Louis Sachar, and I can’t wait to read it myself. He told me I was going to love it, and he’s pretty spot on with his recommendations. Also, it’s from the author of Holes.  He’s almost finished with this one, and cannot put it down. And if your kid is into a little sci-fi, this series was a favorite of Gunnar’s. 

It’s kind of a second part time job to keep enough books in this house. But it’s one I’ll gladly fulfill. So tell me, what are your kids or yourself reading these days? I need to have a list at all times or else the kids get a little reangry (kind of like ‘hangry’ but more lacking in the book dept than the food dept).