Graduation Party Ice Cream Bar

Dessert bars at parties are probably one of the most exciting things for kids, and each time I've thrown a graduation party I've let my kids take ownership of the the whole dessert she-bang. It's one of the parts of the party that they can scour ideas for, inject their own personality into, and it's fun to create what they envision. 

In the past Sawyer's candy bar was a huge success, and Gunnar chose root beer floats.

 This time Greta opted for an ice cream bar with all the toppings. I found these cute sturdy paper ice cream cups, 8 oz was the size we ordered. They come in a variety of colors and patterns.

We debated on cups or cones and ultimately we bought these cones and stuck the cone inside the cup of ice cream as we handed them to each kid. There was plenty of space for toppings and they could enjoy the cone without having to sacrifice toppings because of space. Win-win.


For spoons, we went with these cute but sturdy wooden ones, and Greta designed a few patterns with Sharpie and decorated them all. We attached them to the outside of the cups with different patterned washi tape and fanned them out as we stacked them. 

For toppings we went with the following:

We served up vanilla or chocolate ice cream, and a few fruit sorbets and dairy free options that Ben & Jerry's carries now which we discovered that day. I think the ice cream bar was a big hit and most of all my girl had a smile on her face the whole night. 

Simple & Easy DIY Photo Booth

I have shared a few photo booth DIYs on the blog you can see here and here. But I feel like each time I host a grad party I do it a little differently, and try to tweak the process. This photo booth was super simple to put together and inexpensive too. 

I have borrowed in years past the structural part from a friend, with a heavy fabric liner as the backdrop which I then decorate. But this year I decided to check out how much a setup would be to permanently add to my party supplies. I was surprised to find that they weren't that expensive. The only thing missing that was crucial was the black fabric/liner which I rectified for a few dollars! Below is a list of all the items you'll need to make the above photo booth and prices (at time of posting). 

PhotoBooth Backdrop Supplies

  • Structural Backdrop- poles and sides to hold everything together- $34.99
  • Solid Black Tablecloths- you can pick up at your local party store as well, we just taped it at the top with gaffer's tape and no one knew it was a $3.50 plastic tablecloth. Depending on how wide your photo booth is, you may need two. I only needed 1. 
  • Black Fringe Curtain- for roughly $5.25, I ordered 3 of these black fringe curtains that you can order in varying colors. Again, we taped it to the top pole with black gaffer's tape. About $15 for all 3. 
  • Gold Star Hanging Decor- last but not least I ordered 4 of these gold star decorations, and then cut then in two because they were quite long. That gave us 8 hanging star lines to finish off the look. They are $1.99 a piece. Total for 4 about $8. 

Grand Total for this photo booth : $61.50 plus tax (free shipping for Amazon prime members)

I've collected props through the years for photo booths so didn't really need to buy much, but you can hit up your local party supply store or Amazon for props and hats. 

I also love using Build-A-Head for a fun oversize photo prop of the graduate. 

Happy photoboothing friends!!!

Weekend Links

It's still technically the weekend even though it's quickly coming to an end. :( Weekends need to be just one day longer. I don't think that's too much to ask. This photo above was taken during one of the best days of our Costa Rican vacation last month. That clear blue cold cold water, that waterfall, those rocks behind me where you can just make out my brother in law above Greta's head who is climbing up them to jump off the ledge. This whole scene just made it absolutely incredible and one none of us will forget. 

On to a few links I would love to share with you all...

I just ordered these this weekend and promise to report back on what I think. 

Nordstrom sale started this week for card members, have you guys checked it out yet? I picked up these because my blender was kaput. It's so good to get a fresh new one every few months. 

Greta got one of these mini backpacks for graduation in a burnt orange color, and has used it daily ever since. It's adorable and I am eyeing a full size one for myself. 

I was due to freshen up our beach supplies and a few months ago I purchased new turkish towels, and they're on sale now better than I bought them for! They're long, which is great for the beach, and they dry super quick because they're so thin. I also love them because they are great for draping on legs to avoid sun. 

I have this reading list bookmarked. But I did read two books super quickly on our trip that I highly recommend. This one and this, both by same author. I know there was a mini series on the second book, which I didn't watch and didn't even know the premise of, so it felt good to be surprised by the whole mystery of the book. Both easy reading, great vacation books. 

And if you're like my husband, you'll love this useless trivia. He can't wait to bust out this info at the next dinner party. He used this one on me today, "If you walked directly south in Detroit, you would hit Canada." It's true. I even consulted a map because I didn't believe him. :)

Happy weekend my friends. Hope yours if full of adventure and recharging, relaxation and yummy food and sunshine. xo