What's Going on In the Garden?

It's been awhile since our last garden update on the blog, so I thought I would show you what's the status in our little backyard. Tomato season is over and those plants have been pulled out of the bed. It was a pretty good year we had with the cherry and heirlooms we planted. 

Basil has been unreal for us this year. I have mounds and mounds of it growing in my garden. I need to do some pesto batches because it's taking over. 

I just discovered our very first satsuma growing and I'm so excited! Those oranges are our favorite and I hope the tree does well for us. 

These spicy peppers have been also ridiculously successful this year. I mean we can't eat them fast enough, or I should say Aaron can't eat them fast enough. He really loves the spice in his dishes and adds them to everything. 

Bell peppers have also been pretty great, we've added them to salads and pastas and stir fry. 

And lastly this little vine. Not in with the edible updates, but a garden update nonetheless. We planted it a few years ago and slowly it has creeped up the side of my work studio. I cannot wait for it grow all over the trellis and blossom each year. Slowly but surely. 

Have you harvested anything this fall? I have gone back and forth on planting a winter garden, but I don't think I will have any time to accomplish it, and it bums me up. I love those garden beds full of yummy foods and plants, but time seems to be the culprit for me. It gets me every time!

How to Make a Roll On Essential Oil Blend

homemade essential oil blend4.jpg

After you read this little tutorial on making your own essential oil roll on blend, you're going to be so excited to create your own! First I'll give you a little background on why we ventured into essential oils and how important they have become to our family. 

Ever since Greta had her thyroid surgery (beware it's long and you'll need tissues if you're new here) a few months ago, I wanted to help her heal as quickly and as healthily as possible. We invested in a good diffuser to keep our air purified and clean because we really needed Greta to stay healthy while her incision healed. We started diffusing oils in the air to keep everyone well. We would wipe down counters with oils. And we would also diffuse lavender near her bed to help her relax and sleep well, which also was essential to recovering from surgery.

Her thyroid levels were not healthy soon after surgery. We saw her levels kept climbing and she was really tired. So much so that her teacher and I would constantly talk back and forth and check in every day with each other on how she was feeling. Her teacher noticed the change in her usual upbeat self. But we also knew that it was normal for her thyroid level to dip, especially since she only has one lobe now. We were told it might take a few weeks for it to kick in, and heal. 

I'll fast forward several months. Good news is my sweet babe is healthy again, and her thyroid levels tested normal the end of June. We still have to go for regular blood work to keep an eye on it, but we are so thankful that her little thyroid decided to heal and wake up and do it's job. 

We weren't allowed to give her any special herbs or vitamins for thyroid health. They were adamant I not start her on anything internal. They wanted to see what her body could do on it's on without anything affecting it's readings, even natural medicines. Which for this natural mama, was really, really hard to do. 

Aaron had done some research and found an essential oil mixture that was supposed to support thyroid health. We aren't talking about curing hypo or hyper thyroid issues. But we wanted to help support her as best we could so we to try an essential oil blend. 

We ordered these little roll on applicators from Amazon. We chose an amber glass bottle because it's supposed to be the best for keeping oils from sunlight exposure. Oils deteriorate and oxidize over time. So avoid plastic and metal, along with clear glass.

We used almond oil as our carrier oil, but you can replace that with jojoba oil if you have a nut allergy. We roll it over her neck near her one thyroid lobe each day, back and forth once or twice. Here's the formula we use.

Greta's Blend

There are a few formulas that I'm really anxious to try, and if you do some research you can find so many oils that are helpful for just about anything. Here are some blends I have bookmarked:

Relaxation for Adults:

You can apply this to the bottoms of your feet, or the back of your neck. 

Worry Helper

Apply to the back of the neck and/or temples. 

Kids Happy Blend

This can be rolled on your child's wrists or bottoms of their feet. 

The roll on top is easy to take off to add your essential oils and your carrier oil. When finished you just pop the top back on and then shake before each time you roll it on. Super easy. 

In Hawaii we took all our oils and diffuser along with us. Aaron and I both get a little skeeved about hotel room germs, so we diffused night and day different oils to clean everything. But one of the best uses in Hawaii was the day we went kayaking. I thought as long as I was rowing I would be fine, because we know how terrible I am about being in anything that moves. But we stopped to snorkel and just the momentary stall of getting my gear on and off the kayak left me so seasick. I didn't think I could make it back to shore. I made it, barely. I crawled into the shower, rinsed the seawater and sand off, and then crawled to the hotel bed. I applied a few drops of the digestive blend to my stomach and within the hour I was back to myself. Normally once my motion sickness is set off, it takes a whole day to recover. Not this time, I was up and meeting everyone for lunch in no time. 

Do you have a favorite essential oil blend? Have you ever made a roll on blend of your own? Or are essential oils totally new to you?

*this post contains affiliate links. i would never link or recommend a product or brand i don't currently own or use. but hey maybe this pin is going to go viral and one day i'll buy myself a pair of new shoes. thank you guys for always supporting me here on the blog. a post like this takes a really long time to put together, but it's a subject that is near and dear to my heart and i love sharing it with all of you. i hope you enjoyed it.

Project Bathroom Organization

There are always those projects that you postpone and procrastinate over, using every excuse in the book not to do them. Well, our master bathroom was one of them. I have been shoving things in drawers for years and years, and last week I think I hit bottom. I had accidentally dropped my enamel watch and a few links broke. I thought piece of cake, I’ll just pull out my extra links and take it to the repair shop. No problemo. 

Well, it ended up being the final straw that broke my master bathroom’s back. As I was searching and searching for the links, I ended up just deciding I might as well organize the drawers. I pulled everything out of every drawer, starting with my side first. I thought I could do this in an hour or two. Yeah, no. Then I realized I just needed to do the whole bathroom, so Aaron’s side got included. 

That above picture, that’s the after. Prepare yourself for what it looked like after I emptied all the drawers. See, I’m keeping it real! Here’s the countertop.

And here’s the floor. 

And to give you an idea of what the drawers themselves looked like before I emptied them.

I honestly have no idea where all of this stuff came from. I don’t have much makeup, so I didn’t have many old products to throw away. I did have a ton of samples and skin care products that have been sent to me over the years. Lots of nail polishes. Greta had a friend over and she scored the nail polish jackpot that day. Lots of costume jewelry all jumbled together. And lots of headbands, clips, bobby pins, bandaids, first aid. Phew. So. Much. Stuff. 

I had my trash bags ready and threw out all the expired meds, meds that didn’t have an expiration date on them but I couldn’t remember purchasing, broken hair clips and old unused blow dryers. That was one large trash bag. One trash bag went to old toiletry bags and overnight containers that I no longer used. And a third was full of empty med boxes, bottles of stuff we no longer trusted, etc. 

Then I started sorting what was left into categories. I put everything nail related in one pile. Everything first aid related in another. Adult meds. Children’s meds. Hair stuff. All the shoe polish went together. All the cufflinks were in a pile. And then all the jewelry in another. 

The next step was organizing where everything would go. I decided to put all the hair stuff in my deep, lower drawer. This meant brushes, blow dryer, hair spray, pony tails, flat irons, bobby pins, hair clips. 

The top two drawers are the most shallow and the most used. In one side went all our first aid stuff like band aids, wraps, balms, etc. In the other went my most worn jewelry, our watches, washcloths. Aaron’s shirt stays and cuff links went into his closet near his dress shirts, brilliant I tell you. Here’s the top two drawers after cleaning them out. 

My middle drawer is probably my least used drawer. In here went a container filled with everything nail related. Polishes, polish remover, file, etc. Also went my lesser used jewelry in a container of it’s own, spare deodorants, containers for floss and q-tips, and my sunglasses. 

I thought I had taken a photo of Aaron’s middle drawer, but didn’t, oops. In that drawer went kids meds and adult meds along with a container with the shoe polish accessories, and a zippered pouch with his hair clippers. Aaron’s bottom drawer and under his sink is used for work clothes. He went through and trashed old and big uniforms, but those drawers stayed pretty much the same. He keeps his work clothes in the bathroom so that when he gets dressed early for work he doesn’t wake me. Best husband ever. 

Where’d my makeup go? Well, I told you I don’t have much. I keep a few glosses in my purse and then everything else I put in this basket on the counter. The medicine cabinet is where I keep my moisturizers, cleansers, eye creams, sunscreens, hair products, makeup brush cleanser, deodorant and tooth brushes. Under my sink looks like a large space, but because of the pipes there isn’t much room. I use that space for spare shampoo/conditioner, my overnight toiletry bag, and a supply of Sawyer’s bar soap that we always have on hand because of his skin sensitivities, and all my, what’s the world, unmentionables? Maybe that’s not the term ha! You know tampons and pads, there I mentioned it. I also have my little ring dish next to my makeup that you can see in the bottom picture, with a little card that I recently got from Aaron that just makes me smile. 

A whole lot better right? I exhaled the biggest sigh when I was done. It was like this weight was lifted and I kind of wanted to hang out in my bathroom all night. I even asked Aaron once if he wanted to chat before bed. In the bathroom. The space looks so much bigger. We got rid of random stuff we had piled in corners like a novel? A finger splint? Empty lotion bottles? I think after awhile you stop seeing that stuff and the piles. And only when they’re gone do you realize just how cluttered it must’ve been. 

Happy organizing! There’s really nothing like having a place for everything. And although my house certainly is not all organized, there’s now one room we can check off. For now. Just one. But hey, that’s one more than we had a week ago.