Week 49 in the 52 Weeks Project

*gunnar: That empty plate is pretty much how his plate looks 5 minutes after it's full. All. Day. Long. He is ravenous and I'm pretty sure it will not let up. 

*sawyer: He's been working on a huge passion project lately. It's due next week and I will be extremely happy when winter break starts and we don't have any projects to do!

*greta: She has been working on a project for her language arts class as well. Pippi Longstocking will never look cuter...


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Wee 48 in the 52 Weeks Project

*gunnar: He asked to move to Ojai when our trip came to a close. There's something to be said about slowing down, bike riding daily, feeding horses and feeling safe. 

*sawyer: Pretty proud on his new wheels if you ask me. 

*greta: I couldn't keep up with this one. Time and time again I was in the rear not by choice, but because these kids love to go really really fast. 



Week 47 in the 52 Weeks Project

Gunnar's photo taken with iPhone 6, other 2 taken with Canon 5D

*gunnar: We enjoyed a family wedding this weekend and out of town guests. He tore it up on the dance floor and then came home and did this for about two hours. Have I mentioned how much I love that my boys dance at parties? I sure hope it lasts. 

*sawyer: This week he has been taking notes for a passion project. What a difference it makes when he enjoys the subject he's working on. He has 7 pages of notes already and hasn't even started writing yet. 

*greta: She was pretty thrilled to attend another wedding. She insisted on sitting on the aisle so that nothing impeded her view. She spent the morning of the wedding going through my wedding album and then wanting to know all sorts of details such as, "what order do they walk down the aisle? who sits at what table? who decides this? who decides that? what's a first dance?" It was all very sweet.