Etsy Find- Frosted Saige

I hope you guys know by now that I love to share when I find cute stuff with all of you. It's like a bigger version of the friendly text, "go get this!" Well, here's an Etsy find for you guys. These headbands are to die for. The Etsy shop is Frosted Saige, and my girlfriend Juliann makes the adorable bow ties, headbands, belts, and barrettes that you find in the shop. She even does custom orders for events like weddings, or matching sibling pieces. 

I mean how cute is this headband on my Greta?! Go get shopping!

Wednesday Wears : 6

Have you noticed I’ve been trying to avoid the Wednesday Wears posts lately? Ha, I have, it’s true. I’ve discovered I’m not so comfortable modeling my outfits, and Aaron isn’t so comfortable taking the photos. Usually I can get one of the kids to do it, but this time it was Aaron and it was quite humorous. 

But here it goes, awkwardness and all!

I can tell you that I love love love this little what would you call it, cardigan, coverup, kaftan? Whatever the terminology, I lurveee it. And my whole goal with these posts is to share stuff I love. So here goes. I wore this outfit to a friend’s going away party this past weekend. It was going to be outside and at night, and although we’ve had some super warm days, the evenings cool off quite nicely. 

I’ve said it often, but I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. But some events call for me to be a little creative. I paired a simple white t and jeans with this flowy floral number, a few necklaces and some fun glasses. And there you have it, an ensemble. I was super comfortable and yet still cute and party festive. 

I find really great stuff on sites that have items for limited amount of times. The price points are usually really reasonable and I found the floral piece on there a few weeks ago. Below I share all the sources. 


California necklace: Brandy Melville

Locket: Beklina

Floral Cover Up/Kaftan: Brickyard Buffalo

Jeans: AG

Booties: Madewell

White T: Gap

Glasses: Madewell

Wednesday Wears : 5

Let’s talk about casual pieces this week for Wednesday Wears. My go to uniform is a pair of jeans and a t shirt, and in summer time, it’s jean shorts and a t shirt. A little boring, so I’ve been trying to add a fun piece here and there to my “uniform” to keep it fun.

With the kids on summer break our routine is a all over the place. One day we might be home and I’ll be working seeing facial and waxing clients, and the next we might head down to the 3rd Street Promenade to grab lunch and walk around. Some days are doctor appointments and others are heading to a museum. But nothing terribly fancy, and nothing that would require me to be dressy. Instead, I might add a cute and not too warm slouchy sweater like you see here. I’ll throw on a few necklaces and then I don’t feel like I’m in a mom uniform anymore. 

Greta calls dibs on this sweater every time I wear it, and I’ve had to pinky swear repeatedly that I will give it to her as soon as she is tall enough to wear it. 


Slouchy sweater: Brandy Melville

Jean shorts: Madewell

Tank: Splendid

Necklaces: Brandy Melville