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A little snap from a bike ride/skateboard sesh with the kids Monday night. I haven't done a sharing post in a while, so that's exactly what you're gonna get. 

It's hot hot hot here in Los Angeles, even hotter inland. We are staying cool with lots of smoothies, water, and not exercising, ha!

A few items that have found there way into our home and I completely 100% recommend:

We started taking colloidal silver at the beginning of summer, and 8 million thumbs up. We haven't had a single cold, fever, sore throat, nada since we started. I give the kids a half teaspoon each day, they hold it under their tongue for about 20 seconds for absorption and then swallow. Aaron and I take one teaspoon, doing the same. 

I have reordered these multivitamins twice now for the kids, safe to say we love them and I highly recommend them. 

I recently ditched my eyelash extensions after TWO years of wearing them and loving them. I am slightly sad, but I really really missed wearing mascara and eye makeup. Ha I know the irony! I got them originally to save time putting on makeup and for two years have rarely if ever worn eye makeup. I debated for a few weeks or months not getting a fill and just couldn't quit those lashes, I loved them. But I am also happy to save the money I was spending on them, and invest it in some fun mascara and shadow. I have been using this mascara for a few weeks, and love it. It is designed for those baby lashes, especially bottom lashes, but I also use it on top as well. Not clumpy, perfect consistency. But be warned the brush is super thin, like you can barely make out it's a brush until you start to apply and then you're like, ahhh, this is amazing. I have very sensitive eyes to mascara and this one hasn't irritated me at all. 

Speaking of makeup, these wash cloths are the softest I have ever encountered and work beautifully when I take my makeup off. 

If you follow me on Instagram I shared in my stories a few products I recently purchased and would be reviewing. The top of the yes list is this sea buckthorn oil. It is extremely lightweight and I would recommend it for most skin types. It's easily absorbed, reasonably priced, and very hydrating without clogging. I've used it for a few months now and it's become a staple in my routine. I use it at night time after cleansing. I also have incorporated these super cheap Lil Scrubbies into my routine, I use them about twice a week in place of a scrub. While cleansing my face I just rub them gently all over my face, they are extremely soft and gentle on the skin. 

Those are a few of the items that have made it into my shopping carts multiple times, or are in my cart just waiting for a reorder. 

An Esthetician & Mom's Guide to Sunscreens Safe for Kids

I would say the #1 question I get from clients and friends with kids is 'Which sunscreens are safe for my kids?' So I figured I would put together a little guide to help sifting through the dozens and dozens of sunscreens that are on the market. Unfortunately, the majority of sunscreens are not safe, for anyone, especially your kids. And if you need further evidence on why to avoid dangerous sunscreens you can just google their ingredients, or read this article.

Plan Ahead

My first tip when buying sunscreen, plan ahead! Don't wait until you're running out to the beach and realize you're all out and will need to swing by the drugstore on your way. Chances are, you're limiting your possibilities down to a minimum. The photo above and below are all sunscreens currently in our home. I am stocking up for summer and a tropical vacation we have coming up. And not one was purchased at my local drugstore. It's a bummer that the drugstores where everyone seems to go to buy their sunscreens sell the worst ones on the market. 

Read the Labels

I cannot emphasize reading your labels and seeing what the active ingredients are. I have made the mistake in the past of seeing the words zinc or titanium oxide and just chucking it in my cart without turning the bottle over and checking for active ingredients. Just because it has a few safe ingredients does not mean that there are not harmful ones as well. 


Familiarize yourself with the EWG website! It is a lifesaver when it comes to researching sunscreens. From the home page, you'll click 'Consumer Guides', then scroll down to the sunscreen guide and click that. A sunscreen search box will come up and you can input the sunscreen you're researching. The lower the 1-10 rating, the better the product. I try to use only green ratings, 1 or 2 for the kids. This website will rate each ingredient in the sunscreen and their toxicity. It is shocking that 95% of the sunscreens on the shelf at your local market or drugstore rate a 10, toxic and dangerous. And we are talking about sunscreens for babies and kids! Here's a quick link to the worst scoring sunscreens for kids. Yikes! Run!

Get Used to Reapplication

Not gonna lie, safe sunscreens do not last as long as those chemical laden products where you spray on kids and don't have to reapply for hours. Most sunscreens safe for kids (and really all of us) don't last longer than 80 or so minutes. They can be water resistant, but need reapplication after an hour or so in the water. My kids generally don't swim hard for longer than 80 minutes and are in and out of the water taking snack and drink breaks, so reapplication works great for us. Yes, that means more product you are using, but you're also not disrupting your kids hormones and making them susceptible to cancer and other terrible side effects that some sunscreens have on our bodies. 

In Our Cabinets

Finally, the good stuff! Now I will share some sunscreens we have recently purchased and those we keep going back to again and again. All of these receive a 1 or 2 on the EWG safety rating. 

Blue Lizard Sensitive SPF 30- We have used Blue Lizard for years, and are still big fans. My local drugstore used to carry this line, but no longer. I pick up a large bottle on Amazon(great price per ounce) regularly and it's perfect for an extended beach or pool vacation, just one bottle to pack. It got a 1 rating on EWG. Beware of other similar sunscreens by this brand however. I only use the one I have linked because there are a few other 'sport' or differently named products by Blue Lizard that get a 4 rating. 

Badger- This brand is another old faithful sunscreen, and their sticks are fabulous too. Almost every Badger sunscreen gets a low, safe rating of 1. I believe only one got rated a 2. 

Honest Company- Great sunscreens, and usually you can find a good value on them too. On Amazon they have a two pack of SPF 50 going for less than $11, which is a steal for a 1 rated sunscreen. If you are insistent on using a spray, this brand has one that is rated a 3, not the best, but I have yet to find a spray mineral based sunscreen with a lower rating than 3. All the "natural" sunscreens that are spray application like Coola, Kiss My Face, Bare, Alba, none rate lower than a 3. So it's as good as it gets.

ThinkBaby- This is a new sunscreen that we are trying, so far it's great. It got extremely high customer reviews on Amazon, it's competitive in price, SPF 50, and rated a 1. All of the Think sunscreen line rated a 1 so you don't have to be concerned about getting only one specific product by this line. 

Rubber Ducky- I discovered this brand a few years ago and still love it. My preference is the tinted spf which is a 50, versus the untinted spf 30. The con to the tinted is that it is rated a 2 versus the untinted which is a 1. Also, the tinted will stain your clothing, however, it is the only sunscreen my kids ask me to apply. They love the tint and the feel of it, and they love the lack of chalky/white leftover, especially if they are on their way out the door to school. 

So there you have my guide to kids sunscreens. I hope it was informative for you. I would LOVE to know your favorite sunscreen for kids, I am constantly trying new ones and adding ones we love to our list. Please share in the comments so we all can benefit!


Beauty & Clothing Finds

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have had this post half written for awhile, but better late than never is my current motto. But, I've got some really good finds for you guys, like these little sample guys above for basically free. And some cute shopping finds. I have some more pieces to share with you soon, but for now here's what I'm loving. 

The oils by Biossance have been very impressive and I especially love their squalane and vitamin c rose oil. Not be confused with squalEne with an E. Squalene is derived from shark liver oil, but SqualAne is derived from plants, much better. Right now you can get these two little jars pictured above for just the shipping and handling which is $4. Go right now and try them, you can thank me later with presents and kisses. I use them at night after I have cleansed and toned, right before I put on my eye cream. I'm already on week 2 of using them and am not even halfway through. 

Your next stop for beauty samples needs to be Odacite. Once I sampled a few and figured out which oils I love, I have purchased full size bottles of them, more than once. I'll share a few of the oils that I would recommend for different skin types. I have dry and dehydrated skin that easily clogs, but as I age I notice loss of elasticity the most. If you have aging skin like me I would recommend you try Ma+N Elasticity. I would recommend for ALL skin types the Ac+R Youthful Glow and the Ba+S Eye Contour. If you've got oily skin or breakout Gr+G or Jo+L. Again, all you pay is the shipping and handling and you get 3 little vials in the photo above. They're precious oils so savor those samples. But I always recommend trying a product first before you commit, and for a few dollars you could get a week or so of the product to really try it out. 

Ok, another new product in my purse that I am a tad bit obsessed with is Lanolips, holy moly! No parabens or mineral oil, none of those chemicals, and it is heavenly. And I mean thick and velvety. If you're not an Ulta member yet, you need to be. I signed up for their rewards program and got a lovely $3.50 coupon in my inbox that I was able to apply to this baby and little surprises like that are always sweet. Who doesn't like to save a few dollars? Plus I purchase all my makeup needs at Ulta, they've got everything

I usually share my favorites over on my Insta Stories, and demonstrate how I use them, but I might incorporate sharing them on the blog too. I like to share what works for me because maybe it'll work for one of you. 

Now onto a basic that has quickly become a favorite in my closet. I threw this jacket in my suitcase for a recent road trip and I wore it the entire trip! It's super versatile and thin enough you can layer it easily. I recently discovered Tobi and you cannot beat their prices. A few other pieces that made it into my cart, this top which Greta is already eyeing, and this romper for an upcoming beach summer vacation.