Simple & Easy DIY Photo Booth

I have shared a few photo booth DIYs on the blog you can see here and here. But I feel like each time I host a grad party I do it a little differently, and try to tweak the process. This photo booth was super simple to put together and inexpensive too. 

I have borrowed in years past the structural part from a friend, with a heavy fabric liner as the backdrop which I then decorate. But this year I decided to check out how much a setup would be to permanently add to my party supplies. I was surprised to find that they weren't that expensive. The only thing missing that was crucial was the black fabric/liner which I rectified for a few dollars! Below is a list of all the items you'll need to make the above photo booth and prices (at time of posting). 

PhotoBooth Backdrop Supplies

  • Structural Backdrop- poles and sides to hold everything together- $34.99
  • Solid Black Tablecloths- you can pick up at your local party store as well, we just taped it at the top with gaffer's tape and no one knew it was a $3.50 plastic tablecloth. Depending on how wide your photo booth is, you may need two. I only needed 1. 
  • Black Fringe Curtain- for roughly $5.25, I ordered 3 of these black fringe curtains that you can order in varying colors. Again, we taped it to the top pole with black gaffer's tape. About $15 for all 3. 
  • Gold Star Hanging Decor- last but not least I ordered 4 of these gold star decorations, and then cut then in two because they were quite long. That gave us 8 hanging star lines to finish off the look. They are $1.99 a piece. Total for 4 about $8. 

Grand Total for this photo booth : $61.50 plus tax (free shipping for Amazon prime members)

I've collected props through the years for photo booths so didn't really need to buy much, but you can hit up your local party supply store or Amazon for props and hats. 

I also love using Build-A-Head for a fun oversize photo prop of the graduate. 

Happy photoboothing friends!!!

How to Make Solid Perfumes

I haven't worn perfume in years. I only own one perfume, and it's actually a men's cologne. I find the synthetic fragrances so overpowering that I just ditch them altogether. Recently I've just swiped a drop or two of my favorite essential oil on my wrists and then rub it behind my neck. 

I figured why not experiment with some solid perfume? I could customize my favorite scent and then skip all the nasty ingredients! And that's exactly what I did. It was so much easier than I thought it would be, I think I'm hooked now and will have to make a few. One for my purse, one to keep in the car, one in the bathroom. There will be solid perfumes everywhere when I get done! 

You'll need the following before you get started:

These amounts are for one 1 oz tin size amount. The key is to keep equal parts carrier oil and beeswax. First you'll want to heat up some water in a saucepan and place your beeswax in a jar to melt. Place the jar inside the saucepan to serve as a double boiler. 

While the beeswax is melting, take this time to blend your oils to create your perfect scent. Set the oil aside in a small bowl. Within a few minutes the beeswax should be completely melted, then pour in your carrier oil and give it a slight stir. Remove the combined oil and beeswax from the heat and quickly add the essential oils. Give it another quick stir and immediately pour into your tin. 

It will look like this right after pouring.

And within a few minutes it will harden, it happens really fast! It will lighten in color as it hardens. Then label your tin and just use your finger to rub some on whenever you feel like you need a pick me up or you want to smell really really fantastic.

Community Service Project for Kids

This! This, I have been anxiously waiting to share with you. A few weeks ago Sawyer and I organized a community service project with other fifth graders and it was a great success. I am sharing details all about it on Classic Play today. His school encourages fifth graders to finish at least 4 hours of community service, and the parents at our school are so wonderful about coming up with a variety of ways the kids can fulfill their hours. We decided to create care kits for homeless that are to be stored in your car. We utilized Sign Up genius, have you tried that before? Such a great site, we use it for a ton of school related events. You can read all about the kits here, but see below for items we included. 

What to include in your care kits for homeless?

We would love to hear if you made these packages and how it affected your family.