Hello...Anyone There? New Mexico Part 1

While I didn't intend to take a 4 month break from blogging, whoops! Tonight I just got the urge to write, and to write for me and no one else. I write a lot for work on other sites, and I type a lot for Aaron, and so some days (i.e. most) I just don't want to open a laptop one more time. 

But I feel the need to document this trip because my memory isn't what it used to be. What am I even saying, I have never had a good memory! 

This year Aaron decided a few months ago that he wanted to plan our anniversary trip. 18 years! So I said go for it! One trip I didn't need to plan? That's my idea of heaven. 

He told me the day before we left that I would need to pack for both 35 degree weather and 75 degree weather. Three nights, and activities ranging from hikes to water to relaxation. Oooookkk.

We got to the airport and he wouldn't budge, had my passport and my boarding pass and even through TSA check point I was clueless where we were headed. My one clue was we were west of the Mississippi River and since geography is not my strength, that's pretty much the worst clue you could ever give me. 

We got to the gate and it said Denver, Colorado! So we were going to Colorado! And I've never been to Colorado. The first photo is of us on the plane with me thinking we were going to Colorado lol. I was stoked. We landed, walked out the gate and headed to, not the exit? Where in the world could we be walking? But since of the aforementioned geography issues I have, I just followed my man and kept silent. We arrived at a second gate and I realized we were about to board another plane! To....New Mexico! Which you already knew because of the title of this post. Check out the size of the second plane we took! Ai yi yi. 

We landed in Santa Fe and I was now more excited than ever. You see about a year ago I was looking at where to go for our 17th year anniversary and I checked out flights to Taos and told Aaron how expensive they were, and we would just have to scrap that idea. I didn't really think about it again. So you can imagine my delight to find out we were headed to New Mexico. 

Is that not the cutest airport you've ever seen?! We grabbed our rental car, which he also had planned and we were off to destination #1. He had planned each night and meals and activities, and I was on a strict need to know basis. 


We checked into this little B&B where he had a vase of fresh flowers waiting for me. If I had to rank our three evenings, this hotel was probably #3, it was a little older, I thought it was adorable with the fireplace, but it could've used some upgrades. Aaron wasn't impressed, but honestly I was prepping myself for camping, so this was stellar! The breakfast was amazing the next morning however. Green chile stew to die for. After we checked in we walked into the plaza of town and just explored. We ate at this amazing restaurant called The Shed and we found ourselves our first pieces of turquoise. 

The next day after breakfast we packed up the car and did a little souvenir shopping in town for the kids and headed north. Again, I had no idea where we were going but I was beyond happy to be road tripping with Aaron. We stopped for lunch at Orlando's which was so good! We got to Taos and walked around a bit before heading to that night's accommodations. Which you will have to wait to find out all about in Part 2....

10 Things - Tuesday Edition


Happy Tuesday! And since it's been forever since I've checked in, let's get right to a 10 Things post...

1. We got Disney passes! We went a few weeks ago and as the day progressed my whole family debated on putting our normal day tickets toward the purchase of annual passes. By 4pm we were convinced we needed them back in our lives. 

2. Aaron got a promotion at work, and while I am so proud of him, man working his old job and new job are tough. A replacement can't be hired soon enough! I've been picking up the slack at home, and mama's tired too. 

3. We got rid of cable. If you follow me on instagram you may have watched my whole insta story debate on why we got rid of it and how happy we are without it! We haven't missed it yet, and it's been almost 3 weeks. Looking forward to saving the $50 a month too!

4. I added this to my Amazon wish list last week, I am pretty sure all my kids would fight over it though.  

5. I recently listened to Oprah Winfrey's podcast where she interviewed Joe Biden. It was about the death of his son and it kind of broke my heart. I didn't know he lost his wife and newborn daughter many years ago, and then to lose his son recently. Heart wrenching. 

6. We took our first family bike ride of 2018 this past weekend and it reminded me that winter means blinking lights needed to be ordered pronto! It gets so dark so early. Looking forward to the days getting longer and longer now. We ordered these

7. I have discovered Ebates, and let me tell you, wow the money I could've been getting back! If you already use it, you can skip to #8. But if not, I gotta give you a quick rundown. I happen to do a lot of online shopping, Amazon, Target, you name it. So first I go to the ebates website, I type in the store I want to shop at, and it redirects me to the right website. It's kind of like a portal, and depending on the store, for every purchase you get cash back. Some stores are only 1%, but most are 3-6%. Gap the other day was 10%! Every three months they deposit your cash back into your PayPal account. How have I not known about this sooner? At first I couldn't really tell if it worked, but the first purchase took a few days and before I knew it, I had a little cash back balance growing. I honestly just head there every time before I shop and I would say I get about $10-15 back each month. Bonus, if you join through that link you will automatically get $10 deposited into your account once you start using it. I just bought you a salad. :)

8. After all these years, I think (10!), we are finally in the market for a new tent! This summer we are going to be zipping up a quiet tent, woohoo!

9. Have you guys checked out the Target collaboration with the brand with JoyLab? I have to say, I'm super impressed with their workout clothes. Great quality, the fit is awesome, and the price is perfect. Our Target didn't have a ton in stock, but I did manage to snag a few pieces online. And with my red card 5% discount, and the ebates cash back, well I just couldn't say no. 

10. Naps are basically the best thing in the world. I never ever thought I would say that, but my 37 year old mind and body loves them. 

See Ya 2017! Ready for 2018...


2017 was packed with so many memories and changes. At the start of the year I said that travel was on the horizon as we are in this sweet spot with our family And I'm so happy we made it a priority for 2017. 

At the very end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 we managed to see our first National Park of the year: Grand Canyon, and also beautiful Sedona and Flagstaff on an epic Arizona road trip. We squeezed in a second ski trip to Big Bear. We hit up our second National Park in April, Joshua Tree, and had a dream photo shoot there which kicked off our Joshua Tree themed 17th anniversary celebration which concluded with U2's Joshua Tree concert. We managed to camp not once but twice this summer. Our first camping adventure took us to not one but TWO more National Parks, Kings Canyon and Sequoia, which brought our family's National Park total up to SEVEN. We renewed our passports in the knick of time (3 days to spare!) and traveled out of the country to Costa Rica. We also enjoyed Greta's graduation from elementary school. Gunnar not only began his first job, got his driving permit, and turned 16(!) but he also moved to a new high school which  has paved the way for his brother and sister to eventually go to the same high school. He's knocking it out of the park there and I couldn't be prouder. Aaron and I also snuck away for a last minute work conference to Vegas, and we had family time in Ojai this past November.

Phew, no wonder I'm tired. Before I began this post I thought maybe I won't be able to share much, or maybe we didn't do enough as a family, but we did! We are finishing 2017 with some not so fun things as well, like nursing a head cold for me and tenting our home for termites. But to look on the bright side, our fridge, freezer, pantry, and bathroom cabinets have never looked so shiny and clean. 

I also feel like this year I was very intentional and deliberate with my time, which feels really good. I made positive choices for my family and my marriage. I wasn't in this space that often, and I slowed down a lot on social media, but it all just felt right. I made videos for our family this year, and shared a couple of them here, and here. I actually still have a few more to share from the year that I may post later. 

I was able to print our 2017 family photo album and also made 2016's as well. When I went to put together this year's photos I realized I never completed last year's! So I am all caught up. I also archived all of our videos and photos and have a system I am pretty happy with now for safely securing our digital files. We updated our earthquake/disaster bags, and made copies of all our important papers. I lost AND then found my jewelry box, phew (sometimes my hiding places are just too good). We entertained A LOT and hosted parties and anniversaries and dinners. 


Thinking about 2018 and what's in store for our family...I will have one kid with a driver's license soon, a second kid starting high school, which leaves just one left in middle school. We are entering new phases as parents where we are going to bed earlier than our kids, we are having to wait up for them, and we have really beautiful, deep conversations with them. It's a good phase, an exhausting one but in a new and different way. 

Some goals that I have for 2018:

  • Simplify. With the purging and cleaning we did for termite tenting, I can see how good it feels and how much lighter we are when we get rid of the unnecessary clutter. Less for me to clean around and keep track of. I firmly believe a cluttered space causes a cluttered mind. 
  • More travel. It felt so good to visit new places as a family. I want to travel to the east coast (which is in the works already), camp more, and next winter have an epic winter vacation. Also I would love to fit in a few quick weekend trips throughout the year.
  • Make healthy choices. I want to be more intentional with my own health, like taking vitamins regularly, exercise consistently, and eat whole foods more. 
  • Plan more family adventures. Lately the kids' social schedules have left me feeling a little disjointed and disconnected. And I want to spend quality time with them. Maybe some Sunday afternoon hikes, or beach trips, or more bike rides. 
  • More date nights with Aaron. I feel like it's in the cards for us to be more regular with this since we can take advantage of our kids' being busy and them getting older. 
  • Movies. I did not see enough movies in 2017. I love movies.
  • Barbecue. I know that sounds silly, but we have to repair our barbecue! And my goal is to complete it in time for summer so we can have lots of outdoor barbecues. 
  • Books! I read only 5-6 books this ENTIRE year. I want to read more novels, non-fiction, historical, you name it. Give it to me. 

What about you? Have you thought about the things you're looking forward to in 2018?