What are we reading? What are YOU reading?

I love book posts. I miss book posts. I miss books! Ha. It’s true, I haven’t picked up a book in forever. But that doesn’t mean the kids haven’t been flying through books lately. Gunnar always has to have a new book in hand, or else he goes to the garage and grabs an old standby that he’s read 500 million times. True story. 

Greta and Sawyer each are working on a book project for language arts, so there’s been a lot of reading happening in this household of late. 

Here’s a little rundown of what they’ve been enjoying:

Greta (8 yo/third grade)- She just finished this classic, and is working on a book sharing project for her class. For our read aloud at night, I’ve been reading this AG story. And this summer she read pretty much this entire series. And I just ordered this book on time travel from the author of the Ivy and Bean series. It’s kind of the next step up from that series, more of an 8-12 yo age group. 

Sawyer (10 yo/fifth grade)- He can’t put this one down at the moment. And for his big project he chose to do it on Six Days. It took a few chapters, but now he’s totally into the book and cannot wait to turn the page. I also just received this from his class book order, and I think he’s going to really like it. I also have my eye on this graphic novel series, it’s historical too.

Gunnar (12 yo/seventh grade)- He loved this book by Louis Sachar, and I can’t wait to read it myself. He told me I was going to love it, and he’s pretty spot on with his recommendations. Also, it’s from the author of Holes.  He’s almost finished with this one, and cannot put it down. And if your kid is into a little sci-fi, this series was a favorite of Gunnar’s. 

It’s kind of a second part time job to keep enough books in this house. But it’s one I’ll gladly fulfill. So tell me, what are your kids or yourself reading these days? I need to have a list at all times or else the kids get a little reangry (kind of like ‘hangry’ but more lacking in the book dept than the food dept).

Book Club

book club.jpg

I did some book organizing over the kids’ winter break. Since we were home an absurd amount of time because of Greta’s recovery I decided to tackle the kitchen bookshelves. They had become a catch all for books to be read, finished books, books to be reread. My kids like to reread the books they enjoy. Over and over and over again. 

We weeded out the books they aren’t going to reread, and kept the ones they definitely wanted to keep. Still, we were left with A LOT of books. So many we had to move our bookshelves out to the garage to house them all. 

It’s been awhile since we’ve shared what we have been reading in this house, and I love a good book post. I’m always taking recommendations from others and logging them in my memory for my next bookstore visit. 

I am heading off to Utah Wednesday to attend Alt Summit, but I can guarantee this book won’t last past tomorrow. I put off reading the final book in the series for months, many months! I think I did this because I have a hard time with things I love coming to an end. But now that I opened those pages during jury duty last week, I can’t put it down. 

I also have had Happier at Home on my bookshelf for a year. I think I’m ready to tackle that one too, but hoping it doesn’t make me feel guilty for my lack of spontaneity. 

If your tween/teen is into the dystopian novels Gunnar really loved The Eye of Minds about gamers and real world immersion, he could not put it down but it also upset him some. He gets attached to characters fairly easily and when something unexpected happens to them, he is crushed.

For Gunnar’s second semester elective he got Book Club and I just know he’s going to love it. Good luck to the teacher trying to find a few books he hasn’t read!

Sawyer recently finished the latest book in the How to Train Your Dragon series. If your kid enjoyed the movie, this series is fantastic. Sawyer absolutely loves it. 

Greta liked the Nancy Drew Clue Crew series, a little easier than the real Nancy Drew novels, which she’s not quite ready for. And I’m excited to say we finished the Little House series with her. I have been waiting to blow her mind with the tv series, but wanted for her to finish the books first. So far she’s watched the pilot episode/movie and just started season 1. She loves it! But because of our no screens during the week rule, she can’t wait for Friday to roll around to watch some more episodes. 

And one last book that we all have fallen in love with is The Day the Crayons Quit, it is hilarious and so sweet. We have all read it over and over again. We are still suckers for a great children’s book and this one is a keeper. 

That’s what we’ve been reading in this house. Have any good recommendations for me, or the kids? Any and all are welcome. 

Meet the Handmade Winter Team: eBook Tour

photo (1).jpg

I think this photo above accurately describes my excitement to introduce you all to the team behind Handmade Winter: A Season to Gather. Make. & Share! I've mentioned before how thrilling it was to collaborate on my first e-book with such a talented group of ladies, but now I'd like you to meet them all.

If you follow me on Instagram you might often see a hashtag that I use, #creativemamas, that's because this group of women and I wanted to encourage creativity among our community. We recognize that there is so much ingenuity, creativity, experience, talent and downright awesomeness among women. And we want to build a community that appreciates the talents of each other. That inspire one another. The last time I checked, our hashtag had almost 3,500 photos attached to it. If I need a little boost when I'm feeling a little creative lethargy I just scroll through those photos and am blown away by what you are making and sharing. And thus Handmade Winter was born. We wanted to collaborate as a group to utilize our talents and share tried and true projects, recipes and crafts into an inspirational semi-tangible book(eBook). Projects that you at home won't be intimidated to try this winter season. 

PicMonkey Collage4.jpg

Instead of me try to explain the fun projects and recipes inside, I thought you might rather see for yourself from our contributors and friends since we started a fun eBook tour earlier this month. 

Check out how Marigold of Hideous Deadful Stinky made these fun paper mache winter woodland friends (hint: she gave them a little Downton Abbey spin!) Michelle of Mollymoo was the originator of this fun project. 

Bonnie of A Golden Afternoon decided to try her hand at fellow contributor, Rajovilla's Joya's masala chai recipe. 

Andrea Folsom of Crafting Connections was inspired to take her kiddies on a Winter Walk Joya wrote about.

Melissa from A Happy Stitch was kind enough to share her fun experience making Carla's chevron necklace tutorial.

Delia of Delia Creates made the awesome chalkboard blocks that Jen of Classic Play included in the eBook.

Jane of Buzzmills made the adorable mini vases from the eBook that Marigold wrote the tutorial for.  

Be on the lookout for more fun posts from some of these bloggers this month during our month long blog book tour. 

Stacy of Kids Stuff World / Jenny of The Southern Institute / Lacy of Living on Love / Abby of Things for Boys / Laura of Craftstorming / Jess of The Sewing Rabbit / Helen of Curly Birds / Kim of The Little Stories / Toni of Sew Jereli / Amy of Maker Mama / Caroline of Salsa Pie / Shannon of Very Shannon / Rebecca of Simple as That


Thank you for stopping by! If you'd like your own copy of our eBook, you can click on the photo in my sidebar on the left, or click here. You can also check out the #handmadewinter hashtag on Instagram to see what people are creating from our eBook, or click on this fun new Flipboard Mag where we will be updating constantly as the book tour progresses.