Where you can find us...

This week you can find my writing in a few different places. I put together a little guide to art at home. I know for many parents that creating art projects can be stressful, the mess, the planning, the expectations! And that's not enjoyable for anyone, you or your kids. I also researched and wrote an article for Hello Natural on 10 different oils that help contribute to amazing skin. I actually have a little list of a few oil products that I'm dying to try, I just have to find the time sans children for a little trip to Sephora and then I can report back to you on my findings. 

The kids are on Spring Break this week, and although we can't go out of town we are staying plenty busy in Los Angeles. Gunnar has golfed and gone go-cart racing. We've all been to the movies and strawberry picking, one trip to the book store is completed, and we've logged some extra zzzz which make this mama extra happy. We've got a few more days to squeeze some more fun in and that's just what we plan on doing. And napping. There's always napping. 

Jackson Pollock

This art lesson was messy but Sawyer's classmates LOVED it! They like getting messy, even the kids that were complaining about the possibility of their Nikes getting paint on them came around in the end. If you don't like your shoes to get dirty, then don't wear them to school! End rant. Ok, this project was fun to research and I learned so much about Jackson Pollock's life. Check it out on Classic Play.

Writings Elsewhere

How cute are these little winter scenes! I shared them on Instagram a few weeks ago when we made them at Greta's third grade class winter themed party, but I'm finally sharing the tutorial. Head on over to Classic Play to find out how your kids can make their own. It's pretty sweet how much my kids love theirs, they are so proud of them and have them displayed on their bookshelves. Oh and if you're having a hard time finding pickling salt, don't feel bad, we found it here

Also, I have a beauty post on how to do a salon worthy manicure over on Hello Natural today too. I love the gel polish/shellac manicures, but only get them when we are going on vacation or for special occasions. They're too expensive to justify regularly, so I care for my nails on my own in between. 

Are your kids back in school yet? I have one that is, and two that aren't. But I actually feel like a human being today, I worked out for the first time in almost a month this morning. I am afraid of walking tomorrow, but it felt good to do that first class back which is always so hard. And to be able to blow dry my hair without stopping the dryer 50 times to diffuse arguments or answer questions? Ahhhh, the little things. All this because my younger two are in camp for the day. They went for one day last week and one day this week, otherwise it's all mama, all the time. 

Hoping your start to 2015 has been a good one! We are back up to 80 degree temps in Los Angeles which feels so good after our cold spell. I decided not to do goals for the year, other than my new family photo project, because I haven't even had the time to sit down and contemplate what they would be! Two things that are on my list? To finish our vacation albums from 2013 and 2014. I'm about half way done. And to give the kids new experiences. Take them new places and teach them new things. There you have my 2015 goals. Maybe my theme is keep it simple...