2015 Family Week 52/52

Week 52 in the 52 Weeks Family Project

We made it! An entire year of weekly photos, and I didn't skip or cheat one time! The past few days were spent on the beautiful California coast, I can't wait to share more photos. Aaron and the kids enjoyed their first ever visit to San Francisco and boy did we blitz that town. I had a list a mile long of things to show them and we almost made it to through all. But we did have to save a few for next time. My parents joined us and I think we exhausted them haha, they might need a vacation post vacation now. It was go go go, I even set my alarm every day to make sure we started the day bright and early. My mom probably could've skipped my morning wake up texts :) I'll share more of where we stayed and what we saw as soon as I finish loading all the photos. It's been a beautiful year and these 52 photos are a treasure for me to look back on. 

2015 Family Week 51/52

Week 51 in the 52 Weeks Family Project

Winter break has officially began and we kicked it off with houseguests visiting for the weekend. Late nights, kitchen convos, laughter, and no where to be the next morning make for a good combination. It's still chilly here in Los Angeles and I will never complain. We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon and evening of rain. Just in case it doesn't return, we're going to head out and search for more weather this next week. Along with the final install meant in the 52 weeks series!

2015 Family Week 50/52

Week 50 in the 52 Week Family Project

The countdown to winter break is here, and we are all ready for a few weeks of slower pace. School projects and homework have been eating up our weekends and we are all over it. This weekend we really tried to focus on being with the kids because amidst all the craziness of life and work and marriage, we sometimes lose sight of it all. Today we had an unexpected Los Angeles version of a snow day, terrorist threats closed our entire school district, so we will stay in our pajamas, get ahead on school work and hug each other a little tighter than normal.