12/12 December Video

And this project of 2016 is officially over! This video probably took the longest to make because of all that we packed into this 10 day trip. And I honestly could've made three separate videos with all the footage we had. When you get to the Devil's Bridge in section 1 you can envision me crying pretty hysterically while Greta videotaped Gunnar. I don't love heights but I didn't know I was that fearful of them. When we go to it I could not stop crying, it was pretty strange. And I had to be convinced by a stranger, another mom, that it would be ok and I could let my kids go out there. She assured me that it wasn't as narrow as it looked from our vantage point. I think I cried the entire hike back down. The second section you'll see a funny part of me trying to ski in several feet of fresh powder. It was the hardest workout I've had in years. And virtually impossible, you'll notice at one point I just collapse and give up lol. The third section has some donkey footage from a ride around the rim and all that wobbly filming is by sweet Greta haha. I hope you enjoy our little road trip adventure. We sure loved it and had such a memorable time. Time to plan the next... 

The only part of this project that I wish was better was the resolution of these uploaded videos. I wish I could share with all of you exactly how the video looks on my screen which is crisp and clean, but I guess that would involve upgrading to a professional uploading site. And those pesky ads that pop up, I would love to not have those.

11/12 November Video

Just one last video to edit for 2016! November you can find us each year in Ojai and just watch to see how much we love this place. It's a tradition that is hard to break. As soon as I free up some more laptop space I will start on December's video and bid 2016 with a farewell....

10/12 October Video

A short but sweet video chronicling a local hike we did in the Santa Monica mountains back in October 2016. It was our first time on this trail and it did not disappoint. I love where we live, and I think we just need a reminder every once in awhile to get out there and see something new. Enjoy. xo