100 Item Donation Challenge

It's January and we all have goals for the year we would like to accomplish. One of my goals is to clear out items we no longer use, will never use, have outgrown, and everything in between. So I am giving myself a 100 Item Donation Challenge. Every month I will gather 100 different items from household items to clothes to toys to books to games to decor and take them to our local Goodwill.

Will you join me? 

Why 100 items? Well, it's a nice round number that I don't think is overly aggressive for a household of 5 people. And 30 days is plenty of time to gather those items. In the photo above that's 50 items right there. I never even ventured downstairs to get these 50 items. So two trash bags full (depending on the size of the items) is a great amount to have as your goal. Now can it be 110 items or 90 items? Of course, set a goal that works for your family. 

Keep track! Another reason why I chose the number 100 is because it will force me to actually count the items, and in doing so I will keep an itemized list. This is necessary for tax deduction purposes, so you kill two birds with one stone. You will keep up with your goal of however many items you choose and you will keep track for next year's tax season. 

I will check in every month with how I'm doing on the challenge, and I would love to hear from you if you decide to join me in the challenge! Tag me on Instagram, comment on Facebook, leave a comment here. We will support each other!