1/12 2016 Video Project

I thought long and hard about what project I wanted to begin for 2016. 2015 was great, I loved our weekly family photo series and I know that I will cherish those forever. 2014 was the first year I embarked on a project for a whole year, and that was a weekly photo series of my children or something representational of them, 3 photos each week was a challenge but I can't believe how much they grew over the course of that year. I love photos, absolutely hold them dear and look back at them often. But I thought I would switch up 2016 a little. My kids love looking back at old videos of our family, and I thought about how often I too look back at special videos I made of our vacations or events.

Dun dun dun... I give you our first installment of my 2016 VIDEO series. YEP! I will create a little video for each month of 2016. They might include anything going on that month, from little snippets of our day to any vacation we might take that month, a family date, school stuff, etc. You just never know what the month will hold. So bear with me as I work on my video skills a little this year. I give you January 1/12 of our 2016 project, a little background if you don't follow me on Instagram. We had a fun family date to a local bouldering/rock climbing spot. The challenge is sticking to the right level, so the hand and foot holds are different colors depending on what level you are trying to do. The key is only using that level's color, these kids rocked the climbing and have schemes trying to get us to return shortly. I threw in some other fun clips of Gunnar's DJ elective showcase and a super short clip of the boys at a local golf course. Enjoy! It was fun putting this together. 

California Coast Road Trip

I'm finally sorting through and editing some winter break photos from our California road trip. We went back and forth on where to go over the holiday vacation, but the older two only get two weeks off and of course they happened to be Christmas week and New Years week. Do you know how expensive it is to vacation anywhere those weeks? Ay yi yi. A lot. So I had an idea to go on a little California visit up the coast. 

Can you believe Aaron has lived here almost 14.5 years and has never been to San Francisco? Which also meant the kids haven't either. I have been just twice. Once with my parents and sister when I was a teen, and once a few years ago. I flew up to visit a girlfriend for the day. So we decided to change all that and Mission Take Aaron to San Francisco began.

Our first stop was the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. You might be asking me why in the world would you stay there? The most kitschy, unique and kinda crazy hotel we could find? Well, I have a fun story for you. Last year Greta discovered that after you get married you get to go on a vacation called a honeymoon. She began asking married couples where they honeymooned. She loved all the different answers she got from everyone. My parents told her that they stayed at the Madonna Inn as they did a California road trip too. She looked up the hotel and that was it. She has been obsessed ever since. Paris tops her wanderlust list, but this was a very close second. And one that I could actually fulfill for this sweet girl of mine. Sawyer and Greta poured over the hotel website when I told them we were going to spend one night there. They spent two hours researching rooms. Old Mill won the spot and we booked it. If you've never heard of it, just take a look and see all the photos of the different hotel rooms. My parents stayed in Old Mexico. Not equally as crazy but just as unique.

I haven't seen my kids this enthralled with a place or hotel in a very long time. Everything was special and crazy and weird. But it was just the best thing in the world to watch them. I highly highly recommend this hotel for families. The dining room is insane. They have pink booths and the food is great. The cafe, eh, not such great food, but awesome hot chocolate. We dressed up and went to the steakhouse and had a fancy dinner before an even better after dinner experience. At night they have a big band play and a huge dance floor. All of our kids loved it and we danced and danced and danced. 

You couldn't wipe the smile from her face.

Life Lately

  • Dreaming of tropical vacations
  • Wishing my current insomnia would disappear
  • Cooking with a new shipment of meat from our favorite farm 
  • Planning ski trips 
  • Making a to do list of end of year items like taxes and 2015's photo album
  • Diffusing this and this
  • Purchasing tickets for this musical which also happens to be my all time favorite movie of all time of all my life, you get the point
  • Listening to Serial's 2nd season and still not loving it quite as much as the first
  • Sipping from a fresh batch of bone broth