Summer Friday Links

A day late on the Friday links. Whoops. Was it just me or did yesterday completely feel like a Saturday, and that means today is a bonus day. Here's some stuff around the web:

A diy sewing project that I think I could actually manage!

Summer tips for art.

Might be hard to move away from Los Angeles one day.

These are adorable, and on sale. 

Did you find anything good this week? Leave a link in the comments. Have a good weekend!

2015 Family Week 26/52

Week 26 in the 52 Week Family Project

Half the year. Boom, gone. Not to mention I turned THIRTY-FIVE this week. Ugh, I hate getting older. I can't believe 40 is staring me in the face now. But that's for another post :) This past week the kids were in a local day camp and had a blast despite their whining Monday morning that they wouldn't enjoy themselves. The whining got less as the week progressed and they had to admit that they enjoyed the break from mom, and loved playing field games, going on field trips, cooking, and more fun activities. I also enjoyed the break. I had plans that I would work like crazy so as to not feel guilty that paying for three kids for a week at camp is an insane amount of money. Alas, I had like 2 clients. But I decided that I wouldn't feel guilty about it and instead make the best of the week. Aaron and I met for lunch THREE times. THREE! That's more lunches than I've had with him in forever, well maybe not forever, but since he started his new job. I also got a chance on Friday to visit his main office and finally put some faces to names that I hear all the time. This weekend Greta had a sleepover at her friends house, and we enjoyed a fun graduation party, where I unfortunately acted like I wasn't turning 35 the next day and hurt my neck pretty badly. 

15 Years and a Few Rings


You guys know I love sharing stuff with all of you, from my skincare and makeup routine to my go-to bath salt recipe. So there's no surprise that I wanted to share this latest find with all of you. For my anniversary this year I really wanted to add to my ring collection. I'm not a huge jewelry person, but I love me some dainty rings. Usually Aaron and I are pretty good at knowing what each other would like and surprising one another for gifts. But this year we knew we were taking our trip to Portland, and so we would keep our presents to each other in the non-extravagant category, that meant no new cameras or lenses, no electronic devices or expensive housewares purchase. He really wanted a pair of new Red Wing boots, and those are about the price of a monthly car payment, so that was our budget for presents. Less than our car payment haha. I might add those boots have been possibly the best shoe purchase of our lives, they are amazing and worth every penny. Back to my gift... :)

I chose to wait until after our Oregon vacation because I would've loved to have found a vintage ring on the trip, but they were all a bit out of our price range. I had researched and bookmarked a few sites as possibilities before we left, so as soon as we got home, I got to work on picking out the perfect stack to celebrate 15 years. It took a few weeks, you can ask Aaron. Late night laptop debating, "what do you think of this combination? what about the size? how about this color?" Finally I pulled the trigger. They arrived this week and I haven't taken them off since. I wasn't positive of my ring size so Melanie Casey even sent out a free ring sizer for me so that I wouldn't make a mistake when ordering. 

And in even more exciting news, I have a discount code to share with you readers in case you see anything on her gorgeous site. Heads up, this post is not sponsored, at all. I am getting nothing by sharing this all with you, other than the satisfaction that comes with divulging a good find. If you use MYLIFE10 you will enjoy 10% off your order. I've got my eye on a few others to add to my stack, but for now I'm smitten with what I have. For reference, I got the 4mm Turquoise, 4mm Coral, and bead stacking ring.