11/12 November Video

Just one last video to edit for 2016! November you can find us each year in Ojai and just watch to see how much we love this place. It's a tradition that is hard to break. As soon as I free up some more laptop space I will start on December's video and bid 2016 with a farewell....

Loving These...

I love sharing good finds, as much as I love having good finds shared with me. So here are a few items that I am using everyday and loving. 

This nude color balm is my favorite, in the color nude of course! I discovered this brand which is green and non-toxic, and I tell you I am obsessed with the sheer but still visible color. And it lasts for hours which is always an issue for me and lip colors. And I think the price point is great. 

Ilia, is another favorite brand of mine, and I've been wearing this cheek tint (my pick is I Put a Spell on You), instead of blush the last few weeks. Also, by Ilia I've been layering a bit of this highlighter and just think the combination is heavenly. 

A few items on my wish list to try:

Honey Myrrh Lip Balm

Shower Bombs

I also have this face oil on my list, just purchased this makeup sponge which I think makes me the last person in the world to apply concealer with my fingertips. 

Do you have any vitamins you love? The kids just finished their multivitamins and this brand came highly recommended. I take this Biotin daily for skin and hair and really notice a difference the last few months. 

I think that does it for all my finds and wish list. I would love to know what you are using and loving these days. 


10/12 October Video

A short but sweet video chronicling a local hike we did in the Santa Monica mountains back in October 2016. It was our first time on this trail and it did not disappoint. I love where we live, and I think we just need a reminder every once in awhile to get out there and see something new. Enjoy. xo