2015 Family Week 35/52

Week 35 in the 52 Week Family Project

Somehow we saved the bulk of our backyard work for the absolute hottest weekend of summer, go figure. But it's done! Other than a few minor furniture moves, we are party ready. This past week we've been a bit disconnected trying to get in a groove of sorts, but ultimately it just feels like our days shrank by a whole lot. The one hour time difference of the two schools' dismissal is making a big difference in what we can accomplish in the afternoons. Time just slips through our fingers and if we can all sit down at the dinner table together, I'm calling it a success. 

Saturday Chores with Cottonelle

*This post is sponsored by Cottonelle, all opinions however are my own. 

Back to school is synonymous in our home with piecing our home back together. Summer brings with it a tornado of activities and children, late nights and lazy days. Summer days usually don't include the regular picking up and organization time that I devote during the school year. With school having started and an honest look at the surroundings, we can finally focus on putting our home back in order. Saturday afternoon chores are typical around these parts, mild whining is expected but everything goes so much smoother when our supplies are organized. 

One room that needed restocking attention was our laundry room. It's the catchall spot for storing paper towels, detergent, cleaning supplies and toilet paper. We all come to the laundry room for our chore supplies, and if those aren't in order, well then I don't have to tell you how the rest of the conversation ensues. It usually includes someone walking off in a huff because they can't find what they need. When Cottonelle reached out to discuss our family's organization and how we work together to keep our home clean and tidy, I knew just where we could start. 

As you can see our laundry room is a decent sized area for storage, it gets a little disorganized when we don't take the time to give each item it's proper place. We have found, with kids especially, if every item is given a designated spot, it's so much easier to put things away. So when I purchase supplies like toilet paper, paper towels or the like, I make sure to immediately unpack the items and place them in the right location. It's amazing how smooth our Saturday afternoon chores go once this is accomplished. 

One chore assigned to the kids is restocking toilet paper in each of the bathrooms. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you're in an upstairs bathroom and in need of toilet paper, running downstairs, across the backyard, and into the laundry room is actually a really big deal. So this is an important chore. One trick we have discovered to keep this chore to a minimum is to purchase toilet paper that has a lot on the roll. We love Cottonelle's Mega 4-in-1 Roll for that exact reason. We have found these rolls to last much longer than any other type of toilet paper, and that means less running out, and less restocking. On that note, how cute is Greta doing her Saturday chore? 

2015 Family Week 34/52

week 34.jpg

Week 34 in the 52 Week Family Project

We enjoyed the last moments of summer for the boys this past week. On Friday we had a pretty fantastic surprise up our sleeves. We had plans to meet Aaron for lunch at his office about 30 minutes away, but we also knew the hour before we were supposed to meet him, he would be in a big conference meeting away from his desk. So we executed Operation Depressing Cubicle Makeover. The boys and I picked up balloons and streamers and we were armed with photos and the kids' artwork. We hurriedly decorated his cubicle walls and then closed off the entrances with streamers and a little note from us. Then we disappeared and went to pickup lunch and wait for him to see it. We got a text a little while later that he couldn't believe we did this. That was our cue to come back with lunch in hand and kiss the best dad and husband. I couldn't get over the fact that we pulled it off without anyone spilling the beans, the entire time my heart was beating out of my chest because I just knew Aaron would forget something at his desk, or use the restroom and spoil the surprise. The rest of the week was spent practicing locker combinations and figuring out middle school schedules that are more complicated than the Declaration of Independence. But our 6th and 8th graders are happy and good and we can hardly ask for anything more.