Community Service Project for Kids

This! This, I have been anxiously waiting to share with you. A few weeks ago Sawyer and I organized a community service project with other fifth graders and it was a great success. I am sharing details all about it on Classic Play today. His school encourages fifth graders to finish at least 4 hours of community service, and the parents at our school are so wonderful about coming up with a variety of ways the kids can fulfill their hours. We decided to create care kits for homeless that are to be stored in your car. We utilized Sign Up genius, have you tried that before? Such a great site, we use it for a ton of school related events. You can read all about what we put in the kits and how we got the items here

Friday Links

I'm feeling pretty good for a Friday. It's absolutely pouring outside and yet I still managed to take the kids to school and go to Target, a hardware store, Party City, and Staples, and it's not even 11am yet. Errands are kind of my kryptonite. I hate them. They turn me into a huge procrastinator, and I sit staring at the pair of Old Navy jeans that need to be returned for weeks before I get around to doing it. 

Hope your weekend plans are exciting, or dry, or relaxing, or filled with friends and family, or not. Whatever you need it to be, I hope you get it!

Here's some fun things I've come across along the web this week:

You have a few days to enter this adorable giveaway, I'm a little obsessed with the whisk! 

Speaking of giveaways, you can still enter this giveaway for a chance to win $100 Visa gift card.

This is a great resource for all things natural, I've bought a few balms and salves like their children's carrot seed chest rub (amazing). Bookmark it for later, trust me!

I found this article interesting, don't let me kids read it...

Tazo is one of my favorite tea brands, how cute is this gift box

*Photo above was taken a few weeks ago in 80 degree weather on our way to the pool. I like to stare at it as I drink my hot tea in my sweater and remind myself of warm thoughts. However, I am enjoying the rain immensely! We need it so badly here in Southern California. Actually, I think we need it more desperately in Northern California because that's how our drought will be fixed. 


Week 49 in the 52 Weeks Project

*gunnar: That empty plate is pretty much how his plate looks 5 minutes after it's full. All. Day. Long. He is ravenous and I'm pretty sure it will not let up. 

*sawyer: He's been working on a huge passion project lately. It's due next week and I will be extremely happy when winter break starts and we don't have any projects to do!

*greta: She has been working on a project for her language arts class as well. Pippi Longstocking will never look cuter...