Week 47 in the 52 Weeks Project

Gunnar's photo taken with iPhone 6, other 2 taken with Canon 5D

*gunnar: We enjoyed a family wedding this weekend and out of town guests. He tore it up on the dance floor and then came home and did this for about two hours. Have I mentioned how much I love that my boys dance at parties? I sure hope it lasts. 

*sawyer: This week he has been taking notes for a passion project. What a difference it makes when he enjoys the subject he's working on. He has 7 pages of notes already and hasn't even started writing yet. 

*greta: She was pretty thrilled to attend another wedding. She insisted on sitting on the aisle so that nothing impeded her view. She spent the morning of the wedding going through my wedding album and then wanting to know all sorts of details such as, "what order do they walk down the aisle? who sits at what table? who decides this? who decides that? what's a first dance?" It was all very sweet. 


Week 46 in the 52 Weeks Project

all photos taken with the iPhone 6 edited in VSCO

*gunnar: We had teacher conferences this week. This was right before we met with his spanish teacher, he was showing me his Rosetta Stone log in and quizzing me on my dental hygiene spanish vocabulary. FYI, I didn't do so well. It's unlike any teacher conference I've experienced (other than last year, 6th grade at this same school). Your child leads the conference with their various teachers and you are there pretty much as an observant, you do get asked things and can interject. But mostly it's when you're asked how you can better support your child, or where you think improvement can be made, etc. The kids really are taught to take responsibility for their education. 

*sawyer: He's been asking to visit the orthodontist for awhile, go figure. He hasn't had a check in a few months since we're just in the waiting stage. His bite has improved about 50% with his retainer, and we are just waiting for him to lose a few more teeth. So far so good. And he was pretty happy to hear this. I asked our orthodontist this day why some kids (meaning parents) just wait until they're teenagers and slap on some braces and for others there are so many different phases. He said in very few cases, some don't need more than just straightening and aligning of the teeth as a teenager. But the vast majority of kids need earlier intervention. A lot of orthodontists and dentists out there aren't looking at the skeletal development of kids and their face structure. Straight teeth is not the end goal with orthodontic work, it should be a balanced and proportional face. Each face is a work of art and he really envisions the whole person, not just how they look today but how they will look as an adult. 

*greta: On the other hand, Greta has pretty much lived at the orthodontist lately. She got her expander and this nifty headgear which is lavender and she decorated with stickers. She needs to correct her bite by 20%, yes, our orthodontist is a perfectionist, and I love him. Did I mention this already? She sleeps with it nightly and needs to wear it a bit in the afternoon or evening. She really doesn't mind it too much although it looks like a modern torture device. And she still reads aloud with it on, drinks through a straw, the whole shebang. All I can do is just smile at her resilience and adaptability. It took one night getting used to sleeping in this contraption and that was it. 

The Sleep They Aren't Getting...


Didn't mean for it to get so quiet in this space. We have good reasons, promise! I also promise I have another 52 weeks post that's coming soon. I'm excited to share with you the recent article in the Tween series on Classic Play. I was working on some other assignments one night and Gunnar asked what was going to be coming up for the tweens and I told him it would be an article on sleep. He begged me to write it and with Jen's ok I put him to work. I told him he had to research, organize, edit and also give some helpful suggestions as well. Needless to say, he rocked it. Check it out here