3/12 2016 March Video

I had so much footage from March that I just avoided putting this video together because I knew it would take me forever! And now it's almost May, I'm late late late. So here is our March video and if you're curious what I do on long car rides, how my kids have improved on their snowboards, not to mention their obsession with pelting each other with snowballs, please enjoy... the whole video is taken from our Mammoth vacation. April is in the works and I promise it won't take me a month to post. xo

At Home - A Photo Shoot

I'm pretty excited to share this photo shoot with you. Aaron and I won an Instagram contest for an in home photo shoot last month, and I think I danced around for days at the thought of a morning spent with this guy and documenting some time together. Dee was extraordinary to work with, and she is just lovely inside and out. I cannot recommend her enough. She was interested in capturing us doing what we do normally, making coffee, snuggling, lounging, laughing. And that's just what we did. We haven't taken photos of just the two of us since our wedding day, although I do try to always squeeze in a few whenever we do family photos. But I have to say it was so wonderful, and these are gems that I will treasure forever. A few of our favorites... And I'm sure more will trickle out over the next few weeks, I've shared a few on Instagram already(@mylifeatplaytime). Thank you Dee! You are a gift! This a is a gift! 


sifting through footage for our March home video

stretching my very sore and achy muscles thanks to day 5 of a new 6 days a week exercise program Aaron and I began, yes 6 days a week, hold me please, no wait just massage my back right there, little lower, yep right there

counting my bathing suits to make sure I have enough for our summer vacation. see the connection now on why the new exercise program is needed?

wrapping anniversary gifts for the season, yes we celebrate the season not just the day haha

filling out paperwork for high schools, you read that correctly

smiling from Sawyer's reaction to yesterday's mail delivery, total #momwin

adding marshmallows to today's shopping list :)

watching this on Monday mornings from now on, so good