Skincare Love

This week is flying by, and before I forget to share my latest article with you, I decided popping in while the kids are brushing their teeth might be the only time I get to post. So here it goes. I shared this past weekend 3 must have ingredients to always have on hand. We all know my love affair with coconut oil, this whipped body butter is one of my most popular posts on the blog. But there are two other ingredients that you might be surprised at, versatile and SO useful. Pop on over to check out what they are. 

In other skincare related news, I would LOVE to know your must have beauty product. I am addicted to hand cream before bed. Every single night. I am currently using a non hand cream product on my hands, yes very strange I know. But it works so well. I like my hand lotion to be thick and hydrating and hand creams aren't always as moisturizing as I need them to be. I've tried so many in the past. Right now I'm using this night balm on my hands and it's divine. Also, I am always on the lookout for a good all over to-go balm or salve for multiple uses. Kids get cuts, hang nails, chapped lips, dry patches, I need a good balm on me at all times. I just ordered this one after reading such great reviews on it, I'll let you know how it works. Supposedly this brand has some amazing products, so I'm excited to try one. 

I know I write a lot about health and beauty on other websites, but maybe they need to make more of an appearance here on the blog. 

Hoping you all have a wonderful week, I have a few posts half written that run the gamut of topics, hoping to finish them so they can be shared soon! xo

2015 Family Week 4/52

Week 4 in the 52 Week Family Project

This week was the beginning of a new semester for Gunnar, he's excited to take Theatre Arts and an elective on Cryptography, yeah I had no idea what that was either. It's about codes and locks, that's about as much as I understood. Sawyer had a big week full of early mornings and late nights doing homework. But it's Sunday today and we are finally back on track and caught up. Greta is her normal feisty self these days, although this week she started "waiting" on us for dinner. She gets an apron, her notepad, makes a dinner menu, and serves us dinner each night. It's pretty much the cutest thing you've ever seen. 

Weekend Links


It's FRI-DAY!!! As I was scrolling through my phone to see if I had any photos to share that I haven't already shared on Instagram, I came across this rainbow photo. Greta grabbed my phone at school pickup yesterday while I was talking to another parent and must've snapped this. I love that she wanted to document such a beautiful rainbow. Thus, I share the rainbow with all of you! And now, it's the weekend. 

Some things I enjoyed this week on the big huge internet? 

This video of Dax Shepard had me rolling. It's really so funny, he's really so funny. 

I know a lot of the women who contributed to this children's craft book, it looks amazing!

Are you going go to participate in my 100 Item Donation Challenge?

My kids are obsessed with this game, I mean hours and hours!

Have you ever heard of Erin Condren, I was admiring a few planners at a meeting I was at this morning, and I'm very intrigued, they're super cute and more compact then what I've been carrying around. I think I might just have to get one, especially since it's January and in my world that's the perfect planner buying month. 

Hoping you have a fantastic weekend ahead of you. I have a middle school tour to conduct, a date night with my favorite guy, a family movie night, and hoping for at least one nap. xo